Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What's Up With New Moon Mini B?!?

Twi Mini E does not like NM Mini B. This is just a fact.

One of the reasons why is that she's in a tank top, and he sports a coat. A little thing, I know. But, if you haven't learned yet, Edward is a gentleman. He does not like not really needing a coat, yet, having to wear one while Bella freezes, he would much prefer that she was wearing a coat as well, or that he could offer his to her.

Previously, I'd just written it off to she must wear this at some point while working in Jacobs garage maybe, or during the cliff jump scene maybe, or maybe they gave her a tank because they have Jacob wearing a t-shirt ... that was until I actually got to see New Moon. It occurs to me while I'm watching, that the lowest level of undress she ever even gets to is a tee layered over a long sleeve shirt, either that, or she's wearing one of her many coats (I forgot I was counting after about four or five different ones) in fact, I almost missed entirely when she was even wearing the tank top at all.

It finally occurred to me (near the end of the scene) that hey, this is it, this is the stupid tank that somehow managed to make in a lot of the posters, and for the action figure. It was in her bedroom while she was sleeping, she's wearing the tank

M'kay, mystery solved, the tank is Bella's PJ's ...which brings up a new question ... Hey NECA, WTH?!? Why is NM Mini B running around in her PJ's?!? She had about a million cool coats and a much better wardrobe this time, why not use ANYTHING ELSE that she wore in the entire movie? Why the tank?

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