Friday, November 27, 2009

My New Moon Premier Hot Mess!!!

I had been so excited for the NM premiere for months! Had bought my tickets WAY ahead of time for me, and the only other person I know in RL who's even close to as excited about Twilight as I am Parker.

I had been planning for weeks on what to take, how to pregame, what to do, etc. But, as we got closer, it looked like life would pretty much get in the way. We both have kids (stupid kids take SO much time [not to mention money] away from Twilight!!! j/k ... kinda ...) and she has a jobby job, so we couldn't get away to the theater till after five ... BOO!!!

If you remember, by buzz was harshed quite considerably by waking up at 3am thursday morning to a sick kiddo saying he had a bad headache and felt like he was going to throw up. Ended up being a fever of 102.7 and 90 mins before I was able to get back into bed. 

The sick kiddo incedent threw me for a loop and lost my buzz morning of, but, after a bit (and help from @donnersun) I remembered I was going to see the CW version of a SM book, and some shirtless rob and got the excited back.

Parker's work schedule pretty much meant no pregame, just straight to the theater. Which was okay. In the end, Mr. Twinatic ended up staying home sick the 19th (legitimately, I tried to talk him into fakin in early plans of staging, but, he said no, lucky me he actually got sick that day after all) to which I thought was a boon as it maybe meant I could leave to be in line early (even if I was alone as Parker still couldn't' get off work that early)

This did not end up being the case. Instead, it mostly just meant A LOT of sneak packing (Mr. Twinatic has NO clue how much actual merch I've accumulated ...) he kept following me around to see what I was doing and to hang out, normally things I would love and encourage, but, as it was, it made it VERY hard to collect all the mags and minis I wanted to take for in line.

All said and done, I had my minis, my mags, my twilight director's notebook, both movie companions, a travel game of scrabble, some yahtzee, a deck for skip-bo, a regular card deck (yes, geek here) a chair, snacks, bottles (one of water, one empty) and a backpack to carry them all in.

I got guilted talked into taking a banking deposit in for my boss, and left knowing I needed to stop at the store and get some kind of liquor, juice, sandwich, and drop off the deposit before I even could get to the theater.

Not even two steps out my door, I was detained by my neighbor who is also a twifan (the normal kind, not the crazy ass over teakettle kind) and wasn't going, she kept me for nearly 15 minutes to talk about the premier, how much fun it was going to be, how the movie was looking, how her daughter couldn't go, hwo they had almost won movie tickets, and how they didn't think they could go until december. I FINALLY and somewhat gracefully was able to pull out, and head to the corner store where juice and rum were quickly bought. I then RACED into town (approx 25 mins away) to the sandwich shop, and then the bank. Free of all preshow errands, I FINALLY got to head to the theater, I got a decent parking spot, got a spot in line, set up my chair, and promptly started talking to/making friends with the people around me in line, I was SO EXCITED by this point, it was nice to be back from the doldrums at the beginning of the day.

Later, this becomes our twilight army who may or may not have gotten in a fight with some bitches in line, and my very own Parker may turn into that obnoxious drunk bitch that nearly ruins it for everyone ...

At this point, this blog is getting kind of long and isn't even halfway through, so I'll save the rest for later ... (also, I may or may not be trying to duck out so I can slip off to see NM FINALLY for the second time ...)

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