Thursday, November 19, 2009

Help Me Twitardia, I've Lost My High!!!

Today is New Moon Day!!! I've been waiting for this for months! I've been plotting, and scheming, and languishing for this day!

All week I've been practically floating on cloud nine! I've actually thought on several occasions that the only other time in my life I was this excited for something, was on my wedding day!

this is how happy we were

Yesterday, I began to get a little nervous, things had been going almost too smoothly, and it's my personal experience that when things are going that well coming up to a big event, things are about to go horribly wrong. Like when I was supposed to drive to Cali to go to one of my best friends weddings, and came down with the stomach flu only two hours before we were supposed to hit the road.  Missed the damn wedding!!!

Well, true to form, we get a knock on the door at 3am. It's my 7yo saying he has a headache and is feeling like he's going to throw up. Checked his temperature and it was 102.7, so we called the Dr. office to double check what stuff would mean to come in for an appointment, etc.  gave him some water, tylenol, and horchata with aloe, then settled in to watch some cartoons. All in all, only up for about 90 mins, he said his headache went away, and the fever was gone by morning, but, thanks to the new school policy, he has to be fever free for 48hrs before he goes back. So, he's home through the weekend.

When my second son got up, he was not thrilled that his older brother was staying home and decided he DID NOT want to go either. Lots of arguing later, he's in the car on the way to school, I mention that maybe we should ask his teacher if she has a special job for him, he perks right up and gets all excited, which makes me feel a bit better, until I hear him say "I can't wait to see what kind of dog she has for me"

Yeah, a not so hot 40 mins later, I've successfully burst his bubble, and gotten him turned around for his school day (he's a child with autism [pretty high function when properly supplemented]) and able to leave the school. Getting home just in time for a mucousy sassy toddler to tell me what for!

Thanks to the events of the morning, I'm not excited or elated at all anymore. I've lost the buzz. I may not even be able to go get in line till 6:30ish now (I had been set up to be there at 3:30 or so, but, I don't think the sitter we had lined up will want sickies over) which isn't so bad, but, I still have this niggling feeling that I'll come down horrendously sick as the afternoon wears on (reference the wedding debacle)

Here's where I need your help! I'm sure I can go search out clips and feel a little more excited, but, I'm trying to not get into too many spoilers, and, just don't know if I can get it back, I feel like the song "I've Lost, that loving feeling .... whoa oh oh, that loving feeling, I've lost that loving feeling it's gone, gone, gone ... whoa oh oh!"

I need to hear from you!!! What are you excited about, what scenes can you just not wait for, what clips are giving you the goosebumps, what's fueling your high? Share the buzz with me!!! I want to be all giddy again! And I just don't think it's going to happen unless I catch it from someone like my kid caught the flu!

I know deep down, you still love me, 
and will scream when I come on screen. 


Meg said...

I'm excited about seeing Rob. Shirtless. The end.

*big hugs* It will be great. It will be exciting. It will be worth all the turmoil. Think happy thoughts! *offers you a shot of the tequila I bought on my lunch hour* Now isn't that better? Oh, and maybe there will be a trailer for Remember Me in front of the movie. That will be epic. Leaving now to wring out my drawers. :-)

Rob's Swiss Miss said...

Hey hon, I can commiserate on the sick kiddos. The best laid plans...can go to hell in a fucking handbasket as soon as kids are involved.

Hopefully you've made it out to see the gloriousness that is New Moon and are still too busy foaming at the mouth and mumbling to make coherent blog posts (I know I am).