Friday, November 27, 2009

My New Moon Premier Hot Mess!!!

I had been so excited for the NM premiere for months! Had bought my tickets WAY ahead of time for me, and the only other person I know in RL who's even close to as excited about Twilight as I am Parker.

I had been planning for weeks on what to take, how to pregame, what to do, etc. But, as we got closer, it looked like life would pretty much get in the way. We both have kids (stupid kids take SO much time [not to mention money] away from Twilight!!! j/k ... kinda ...) and she has a jobby job, so we couldn't get away to the theater till after five ... BOO!!!

If you remember, by buzz was harshed quite considerably by waking up at 3am thursday morning to a sick kiddo saying he had a bad headache and felt like he was going to throw up. Ended up being a fever of 102.7 and 90 mins before I was able to get back into bed. 

The sick kiddo incedent threw me for a loop and lost my buzz morning of, but, after a bit (and help from @donnersun) I remembered I was going to see the CW version of a SM book, and some shirtless rob and got the excited back.

Parker's work schedule pretty much meant no pregame, just straight to the theater. Which was okay. In the end, Mr. Twinatic ended up staying home sick the 19th (legitimately, I tried to talk him into fakin in early plans of staging, but, he said no, lucky me he actually got sick that day after all) to which I thought was a boon as it maybe meant I could leave to be in line early (even if I was alone as Parker still couldn't' get off work that early)

This did not end up being the case. Instead, it mostly just meant A LOT of sneak packing (Mr. Twinatic has NO clue how much actual merch I've accumulated ...) he kept following me around to see what I was doing and to hang out, normally things I would love and encourage, but, as it was, it made it VERY hard to collect all the mags and minis I wanted to take for in line.

All said and done, I had my minis, my mags, my twilight director's notebook, both movie companions, a travel game of scrabble, some yahtzee, a deck for skip-bo, a regular card deck (yes, geek here) a chair, snacks, bottles (one of water, one empty) and a backpack to carry them all in.

I got guilted talked into taking a banking deposit in for my boss, and left knowing I needed to stop at the store and get some kind of liquor, juice, sandwich, and drop off the deposit before I even could get to the theater.

Not even two steps out my door, I was detained by my neighbor who is also a twifan (the normal kind, not the crazy ass over teakettle kind) and wasn't going, she kept me for nearly 15 minutes to talk about the premier, how much fun it was going to be, how the movie was looking, how her daughter couldn't go, hwo they had almost won movie tickets, and how they didn't think they could go until december. I FINALLY and somewhat gracefully was able to pull out, and head to the corner store where juice and rum were quickly bought. I then RACED into town (approx 25 mins away) to the sandwich shop, and then the bank. Free of all preshow errands, I FINALLY got to head to the theater, I got a decent parking spot, got a spot in line, set up my chair, and promptly started talking to/making friends with the people around me in line, I was SO EXCITED by this point, it was nice to be back from the doldrums at the beginning of the day.

Later, this becomes our twilight army who may or may not have gotten in a fight with some bitches in line, and my very own Parker may turn into that obnoxious drunk bitch that nearly ruins it for everyone ...

At this point, this blog is getting kind of long and isn't even halfway through, so I'll save the rest for later ... (also, I may or may not be trying to duck out so I can slip off to see NM FINALLY for the second time ...)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I'm Dyin' Over Here!!!

My husband found this page over at the Oatmeal that very acuratly sumerizes the story of Twilight, you should pop on over, it's cracking me up!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What's Up With New Moon Mini B?!?

Twi Mini E does not like NM Mini B. This is just a fact.

One of the reasons why is that she's in a tank top, and he sports a coat. A little thing, I know. But, if you haven't learned yet, Edward is a gentleman. He does not like not really needing a coat, yet, having to wear one while Bella freezes, he would much prefer that she was wearing a coat as well, or that he could offer his to her.

Previously, I'd just written it off to she must wear this at some point while working in Jacobs garage maybe, or during the cliff jump scene maybe, or maybe they gave her a tank because they have Jacob wearing a t-shirt ... that was until I actually got to see New Moon. It occurs to me while I'm watching, that the lowest level of undress she ever even gets to is a tee layered over a long sleeve shirt, either that, or she's wearing one of her many coats (I forgot I was counting after about four or five different ones) in fact, I almost missed entirely when she was even wearing the tank top at all.

It finally occurred to me (near the end of the scene) that hey, this is it, this is the stupid tank that somehow managed to make in a lot of the posters, and for the action figure. It was in her bedroom while she was sleeping, she's wearing the tank

M'kay, mystery solved, the tank is Bella's PJ's ...which brings up a new question ... Hey NECA, WTH?!? Why is NM Mini B running around in her PJ's?!? She had about a million cool coats and a much better wardrobe this time, why not use ANYTHING ELSE that she wore in the entire movie? Why the tank?

Possibly the Funniest Twi-Spoof Ever!!!

I caught this over at the Twilight Sisterhood and just about died laughing!!! If you haven't seen this yet, take a minute, it's worth it!!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

New Moon DVD Promises

Firstly, the weekend has been Epic (in both the success and fail sorts of ways!) and I'm sure that by the time I get done writing about all of it, you'll be so sick of hearing about it!!! This week is kind of busy though, so, I'll try to get to it in a timely manner. Also, as some of our Int'l friends haven't seen NM yet, I will try to hold off on spoilers for the next week (that's about all the longer I can hold off on talking about details though) and will explore random thoughts and experience from the night (oh man) in the meantime.

I also want to apologize to all my bloggy friends who's blogs I usually read, I haven't been reading the blogs at all lately! I'll get back to it regularly after thanksgiving/my brother's wedding/my new moon high washes over, but, in the meantime, I do still love you all!

Anywho, I ran across this article in which they discuss some details about the DVD release!!! (SO SQUEE!!!)

It should be out early 2010, it should have tons of awesome features, and it will include some of the following deleted scenes:

  • "There will be probably about 20 minutes of deleted material," he explained, promising some meaty footage. "It really is good stuff and a bonus for the fans."
  • Among this bonus footage could be several moments MTV knows was shot but did not make the final "New Moon" cut, including:
  • » A scene with Rachelle Lefevre as Victoria driving to Forks in a car, snacking on a dead human. It was one of the final moments the actress filmed as the nomadic vampire.
  • » A scene with the human characters eating Burger King.
  • » Another scene with the humans, this time with Justin Chon and Michael Welch expressing jealousy over Edward's car.
  • » More scenes with the Volturi in Italy.
  • » An extended cut of the scene where Mike Newton quotes Shakespeare to Bella in the Forks High parking lot; in it, he does a Marlon Brando impersonation.
  • » Scenes alluding to the ongoing breakup between Newton and Anna Kendrick's Jessica.
All in all, I can't wait to see New Moon over and over again (no money yet for a second viewing :( will have to have a second job so I can hire a sitter, get excessive amounts of tickets, and set up a two times a week rotation! I also can't wait to see Eclipse now (my favorite book mostly) and to hear what they decide about Breaking Dawn (I'm SURE they'll be making a decision soon now that the box office numbers are in/projected) on one hand, waiting does give them more time to get a good deal, on the other hand, it's probably going to end up costing Summit more. With New Moon overshooting all the projections of success, everyone involved will have mega bargaining chips to hammer out much bigger payrolls!

borrowed from

Twilight Double Feature / Edward Gives Emmett the Bird

I got the tickets for the Twilight/New Moon double feature opening night. (I will be writing MUCH more on this later ;)

One thing seeing Twilight on the big screen reminded me of, was something I've seen before,  but, hadn't thought about in a while as I don't actually watch Twilight through all the way that much.

On the big screen it's much easier to see, but, in the baseball scene after Edward and Emmett crash and miss the ball, it looks like Robert gives Kellan the bird (at least it did/does to me) ...

Which I've heard people go back and fort on whether it actually happens or not, so, after being reminded of it across the huge screen, I thought I'd do a little investigating, which is when I found this:

so now, conclusively, Robert does indeed flip Kellan the bird, it actually did make it in the movie, and it cracks me up!

On another note, no spoilers per say, LOVED New Moon, it was way better than Twilight (not hard) there were somethings I missed/would have liked to see, and our adventure was HUGE! Again, will be writing much more about this later, but, thought we'd start little ;)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Help Me Twitardia, I've Lost My High!!!

Today is New Moon Day!!! I've been waiting for this for months! I've been plotting, and scheming, and languishing for this day!

All week I've been practically floating on cloud nine! I've actually thought on several occasions that the only other time in my life I was this excited for something, was on my wedding day!

this is how happy we were

Yesterday, I began to get a little nervous, things had been going almost too smoothly, and it's my personal experience that when things are going that well coming up to a big event, things are about to go horribly wrong. Like when I was supposed to drive to Cali to go to one of my best friends weddings, and came down with the stomach flu only two hours before we were supposed to hit the road.  Missed the damn wedding!!!

Well, true to form, we get a knock on the door at 3am. It's my 7yo saying he has a headache and is feeling like he's going to throw up. Checked his temperature and it was 102.7, so we called the Dr. office to double check what stuff would mean to come in for an appointment, etc.  gave him some water, tylenol, and horchata with aloe, then settled in to watch some cartoons. All in all, only up for about 90 mins, he said his headache went away, and the fever was gone by morning, but, thanks to the new school policy, he has to be fever free for 48hrs before he goes back. So, he's home through the weekend.

When my second son got up, he was not thrilled that his older brother was staying home and decided he DID NOT want to go either. Lots of arguing later, he's in the car on the way to school, I mention that maybe we should ask his teacher if she has a special job for him, he perks right up and gets all excited, which makes me feel a bit better, until I hear him say "I can't wait to see what kind of dog she has for me"

Yeah, a not so hot 40 mins later, I've successfully burst his bubble, and gotten him turned around for his school day (he's a child with autism [pretty high function when properly supplemented]) and able to leave the school. Getting home just in time for a mucousy sassy toddler to tell me what for!

Thanks to the events of the morning, I'm not excited or elated at all anymore. I've lost the buzz. I may not even be able to go get in line till 6:30ish now (I had been set up to be there at 3:30 or so, but, I don't think the sitter we had lined up will want sickies over) which isn't so bad, but, I still have this niggling feeling that I'll come down horrendously sick as the afternoon wears on (reference the wedding debacle)

Here's where I need your help! I'm sure I can go search out clips and feel a little more excited, but, I'm trying to not get into too many spoilers, and, just don't know if I can get it back, I feel like the song "I've Lost, that loving feeling .... whoa oh oh, that loving feeling, I've lost that loving feeling it's gone, gone, gone ... whoa oh oh!"

I need to hear from you!!! What are you excited about, what scenes can you just not wait for, what clips are giving you the goosebumps, what's fueling your high? Share the buzz with me!!! I want to be all giddy again! And I just don't think it's going to happen unless I catch it from someone like my kid caught the flu!

I know deep down, you still love me, 
and will scream when I come on screen. 

Ahhh, There It Is / The Other Shoe Drops

Yeah, remember when I said I was nervous because we were so close and yet so far? Here I am, four in the morning local time, and we've got a sick kid in the house.

Woke up with fever, headache, and feeling like he might throw up ... hopefully it doesn't go anywhere after that, but, at very least, likely means I won't be able to head for the theater at about 3:30 like I had planned, I will at least have to wait until 5:30 to head in (if I end up going at all *pout*)

I had considered I may get sick, but, overlooked the possibility that one of the kids would get sick, this makes it a little trickier of a decision when it comes down to it. All in all, it's a wait and see game from here, but, that does at least throw a damper on my New Moon Day.

I doubt he's this happy about being sick,
but, I'm about that thrilled...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

NM: So Close I Can Taste It / In The Danger Zone

If you don't know this already, then I'm not sure why you're even here, but, NEW MOON OPENS TOMORROW!!! Well, technically friday, but, midnight showings/waiting in line starts tomorrow!!!

stolen borrowed from perez hilton

It's gotten crazy over here! We're going into town to see the movie, and I've heard that the theater we're going to (the town is just big enough to have two movie theater complexes) has sold out all fifteen of their screens worth of tickets to the midnight showing AND HAS ADDED A 3AM SHOWING!!! Which has never happened for any movie here ever. Even the star wars midnight showing I think only had one screen selling per theater! According to Fandango, this is the largest preselling movie in their history, and that 86% of last weeks ticket sales were to NM advanced showings! I knew it was going to be big, but, didn't know it was going to be THIS big! Ha, take that all you people who made fun of me for buying my tickets as soon as they were available!!! (you know, all my RL non-twi friends)

This both excites the crap outta me, and scares me, kinda a lot. We're so close, but, not close enough to let your guard down just yet!!!

One of the things that has me a little nervous is that a lot of people I know have been getting sick lately. I've even had a kid stay home earlier this week! So far I'm feeling fine, but, there has been dread in the back of my mind that I'll come down super sick tomorrow and have to miss... or at least I'd like to think I have the reserve and consideration to not try to go anyway and infect half the town while we wait in line.

Also, because of the fact I'm not sure I would stay home if I came down with the plague, I'm just prepared now to be sick on friday as I'm guessing that many other fans (read as 'far less sensible twits) will still show up regardless of how well they're feeling, and even with the best of precautions, we will be camping in line for several hours, and I'm sure there'll be germ passing going on!

Also, I will have to make a list, and obsessively check it at regular intervals, I'm worried I'm going to forget something important!!!! Like, when I moved all my stuff from the purse I had been using into my twilight purse that I bought with can money, and somehow didn't move the confirmation pages for our double feature tickets!!! That would have been catastrophic!!! Or how I keep reminding myself I'm going to have to charge everything (camera, ipod, computer, cell phone) for tomorrow. Or how I'll have to be sure ahead of time that I have enough gas and have packed snacks so I don't have to stop for anything along the way!!! Or how it just occurred to me that as we're going to be in line for hours and hours and then in the theater for hours, I likely should pack some dinner or something ... So much to worry about!

in my mind, the ammount of stuff we'll *NEED* 
has taken on mountain climbing excursion proportions!!!

I've been vibrating like an agitated member of the wolf pack for days now, I can't think it's very good on my heart to live in this constant stage of excitement!!!

So, in conclusion, this post is really about nothing more than
1) I'm very excited
2) I know I'm not outta the woods yet and hope that my fixation on the light at the end of the tunnel doesn't cause me to miss something important (like picking my kids up from school tomorrow...)

The Twidiculous Can Drive for an Ignoble Cause

After pondering how to get my grubby mits on some Twimerch for the premier, my initial ideas of stealing, donating plasma, and begging didn't really catch my fancy, so I continued to brainstorm ... a lot. It wasn't until I was tripping over Mr Twinatic's beer cans on my way to the kitchen that it hit me. A can drive!!!

For those of you that are not familiar with this concept and are wondering what the heck I'm talking about, let me elaborate.

I live in Oregon, a state with many little quirks about it. such as (but not limited to, and in no particular order) the following:

     - The most hippies per capita of anywhere on the planet anywhere
     - Other than mexico, it's the number one place VW bugs and busses go to die, and or live out their last legs (still the transportation of choice for said overwhelming number of hippies ... which I'm not mocking at all, I'm kind of one of them ... hippie lite if you will)
     - a country fair which, I've been told, is pretty much as close to attending the first woodstock/living the seventies as you can get.

     - No sales tax (slightly higher property tax though) the price tag really is what you pay (making all oregonians look like idiots first stop outta state on a trip)
     - is pretty much the best breastfeeding state, both as far as tolerance to breastfeeding, and as far as how many/how long breastfeed (in analysis reports comparing all states, Oregon is top in all categories in all tests that I could find)
     - a town where it's legal for everyone to go topless if they so please (although women aren't allowed to BBQ or mow the lawn without a shirt)
     - several nudist colonies
     - has the second highest minimum wage in the country
     - you can't pump your own gas, it's illegal, you get an attendant every time, no extra charge (again making us look like idiots first stop outta state)
     - the only state flag with two different sides

     - microbrewries galore (we may be the microbrew capital of the US)
     - the only place outside of Israel where Myrtlewood grows

     - the grass seed capital of the world (not even exaggerating here)
     - one of the only states with nearly every geographical feature possible in it
     - doctor assisted suicide
     - curbside co-mingled recycling service and yard waste debris collection (on garbage day, no extra charge, yay for hippies!)
     - fully nude strippers and fully stocked liquor bars in the same establishment (I know you super care about this one, but, apparently, that's pretty rare, and you may not realize this, but, that applies to both male and or female strippers, plus, they can't change it if they wanted to, it's in our constitution that it has to stay that way)
     - and last but not least (I'm sure there's much more, this list is just off the top of my head) Bottle Return! (again, generally thanks to the hippies that love to recycle)

All in all, a pretty sweet state! (and honestly, even though I'll travel a lot and visit many a place, I'm never moving out of state if I can help it!) But back to the subject at hand, you get 5 cents (where the heck is the little cents symbol?!?) for every aluminum can and every plastic or glass bottle you take back to the grocery store.

I gleefully announced my fund raiser on my RL facebook page, and although several people liked my post, no one coughed up any cans! Not a great way to start off a fund raising effort, but, it was okay, I had a plan! Mr Twinatic likes his evening imbibement most definitely. He does not however, like to return his cans. I refuse to let him just recycle them, as it's literally throwing away money! I haven't taken them back since summer, so they've been building up for at least six months, this plan was perfect!!! Also, my in laws like to host a lot of football related excuses to drink and also hadn't taken many back.

All in all, two days, some change scrounging, and tons of coins later, I was able to come up with $50.00 and hit up Hot Topic this morning, I ended up getting a shirt AND the handbag!!! Super Score!!! I now feel ready (or very nearly) for the premier!

Our HT didn't have the Edward shirt I wanted
so I got his one instead :)

(as this post was getting really really ridiculously long, so, I saved all the details of the returning of the cans and how Mini E helped out on another post,  clicky here to read all about it :)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Nothing to Wear!!!

Now that we're officially in the New Moon week (SQUEEE!!!), the planning is ramping up.

Previously, we've talked about and tried to coordinate when we're meeting, what supplies we'll be bringing, and what to do while we're in line.

We've decided on hip flasks, bringing the minis, had a plan to watch Twilight on my laptop while in line (which changed when we heard about the secret unannounced double feature) bringing my twilight director's notebook/movie companion, cupcakes were discussed, as well as many other plans.

I hadn't, until yesterday, thought much about what I was going to wear.

I had ruled out 'Going as a Cullen' when I realized the contacts were super expensive, but, that was about it. I knew I was going to get out my bracelets and kind of left it at that.

Yesterday though, I really started to think about what clothes I was going to wear, and realized ... I want a proper shirt, and I want it BAD!!!

Like going to a concert, you just have to have the right shirt to wear!!! (although while at a concert you can wear another band's shirt that's similar to the one whos show you're at, or the band you're seeings shirt from a previous tour, not the shirt you bought at the concession stand that day, I don't think such rules apply to movie going...)

So I cruised over to the Hot Topic New Moon Store, and started browsing their selection. Wow, they have a lot of nice stuff!!! I had previously perused the Nordstrom's line, and it's okay, but, not quite what I was looking for. HT seems to be my merch supplier of choice.

After looking around I decided that one of my most favorites was the Edward Shirt which is not only dreamy on the front:

But, also has a very cute little detail on the back:

I think Mr. Twinatic may just shit a brick (or get his eyes stuck in his head from rolling them so hard) if I end up getting this one.

I also found this Most Awesome Reversible Purse!!! It has two printed sides so you can wear it either way out, then it has a nifty pattern on the inside, it's like three purses in one!!!


I was very impressed by how awesome it is and how I feel like I'm getting such a bargain! By now, I am also far enough out of the Twi-closet, I would wear it loud and proud!

The main problem is moolah, as in we don't have any, and also as in I have already spent WAY more money on this that I need to/we have/I have in practically a years worth of spending budget (keep in mind spending budget is not really big round here) so although I have a near pathological need to posses these items and wear them on Thursday, I can't just yet ... but, I'm working on it ...

So far, I've found out there's a plasma donation center in the area, I'm going to call and see what they pay, and find out if I can free up two hours of time at any point ... will try to list some stuff from around the house on an eBay short auction, may finally take some old baby stuff to the consignment store, and last but not least, ask my boss for my paycheck a few days early this week ... see, twilight can be helpful, it's motivating me to do all these things I should be doing already (with the exception of plasma donation and begging for an advance ... those are not necessarily things I've been procrastinating about ...)

Last but not least, as I was putting this post together, I noticed a new Cullen Family Tee they just added today, that may now be holding second (and more reasonable) option to the edward tee ...

Sunday, November 15, 2009

SQUEEE!!! We're on the Same Row!!!

This morning in the kitchen while we were reviewing what's coming up this week, I stopped mid-sentence and just stared ...

... and then started SQUEEING!!! I had looked over at the calendar and noticed that WE ARE NOW IN THE SAME CALENDAR ROW AS THE PREMIER!!!

Mr Twinatic, in all his reserved glory, simply stared at me and took another sip of coffee. I could see in his eyes that he SO wanted to say something  (likely in the vein of much mocking) but, to his credit, he resisted.

I appreciate that he lets me be such a spaz! ;)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Evicia Conversion Project: Update the First

As you may or may not have read in previous posts, my Bestie (of 23 years) Evicia, at long last asked to borrow the book.

The handover formally occurred, in a very dramatic fashion, (although no pix were taken; BOO), which involved much kneeling, parading, and overemphasized presentation of the book (the word 'bestowing' would at least apply), on Friday night.

I handed it over with the simple comment "ignore at least half of the bits about how pretty he is" and left it at that (there's so much more I wanted to say, but, didn't want to torpedo the effort...)

Last night (sunday) at about 10pm, I got the call. To be honest, I was expecting it sooner. As you probably can guess, it went a little like this:

Mr. Twinatic - answeres the phone and comes to hand it to me - "It's Ev"
Me - deep breathing for a moment to get over the pissed of getting a call that late on sunday, and to unclench my teeth enough  to talk nice ...

(side note - I'm weirdly protective of my Sundays, no one may bother me, and if Ev calls, I usually don't mind, she gets a pass generally speaking, but, my boss called earlier in the afternoon to ask me questions that could only be answered if I was in front of the files on my computer at work, which immediately crashed my ability to further handle any other Sunday phone calls from the outside world)

Me - Hello (trying to not roll my eyes or growl)
Ev - Oh my gosh, I don't know if I can handle hearing about how beautiful he is even one more time!!!
Me - (thawing out immediately, if we're going to talk about twilight, it's ALL good!!!) *laughing* hey, you were warned, you have to just pretend it's not stated at least half if not two thirds of the time!
Ev - well, I can let some of it go, I remember what it was like to be in high school and to drool over someone, it really was nearly that painful, can I just say how glad I am to be grown up dating now? That being said, it's on mega overkill now!
Me - No shiz!
Ev - Can I also just say how funny I think it is that they cast the guy they did for the movie (side note - I know right? "That guy?" Whatevs, we're gonna work on this!) he's in no way pretty, he has a frankenbrow and is just not to be stared at with drool this much!

admittedly, not his finest look...

Me - *takes a minute to be able to rationally answer* get through the book first, then when we're near some internet (she has none right now) I'll show you a few things. I didn't necessarily like how they styled him for twilight, but, there's some photo shoots you should see. If you get to the webs without me, just look up GQ Pattinson for starters.

I rest my case, 
this is where you see what's the fuss!

Ev - I'm also going to say, I'm about a hundred pages in, and it doesn't seem to be getting better...
Me - *pausing a moment again to apply my restraint so I don't go all preachy fangirl on her ass* It's one of those things you'll just have to get through the first one, and plow through the rest, then I'll give you some supplemental reading and you'll hopefully start to see what this is about, so bear with me here. They get a bit better written as they go. Keep in mind, with the way it came to her, and her prior history of writing, this is basically fanfic. It's a great story that happened to a not quite so awesome writer and then was passed to a terrible screenwriter and a batshit director. Even if you may not love the books or the movie, there's so much about it that's awesome! You're gonna have to spot me some faith for a tad, it's a long haul imersion.
Ev - okay, I trust you...but, I'm not sure I'll get it...
Me - *trying to not show too much of the crazy zeal* yeah, once you get past the canon, there's all kinds of extras (midnight sun) and fanfics that really add some dimension and maturity-ish.  Someday we'll get you to the point that cupcakes, lemons, and unicorns mean soemthing so much more to you than they do now.
Ev - *laughs* not gonna lie, I'm feeling a little scared right now ...

And so it went for a bit longer. I pulled back the curtain just enough to let her know that my twicraziness goes much deeper than anyone in my RL currently knows. That not even Mr Twinatic nor current PartTime TwiPartner in Crime Parker knows how bad it is (that I blog, that I follow dozens upon dozens of blogs, that I set up blogger, gmail, facebook, and twitter accounts just for this, that I've not only read my first fanfic, but, read more fanfic than real books as of late, or just how many magazines and action figures I have, that I have jewelry now, etc). She asked if I had written a fanfic and laughed when I admited that I've got two I'm on the verge of writing.

Ultimately, I plan to get her through the book, midnight sun, the other three, the movie, then move her onto wide awake, the office, etc. ultimately securing her as a co-blogger (hey, I dream big m'kay ;)

The long and the short, we'll just have to wait to see how this goes. So far, it doesn't impress her much, but, to be fair, at this point, it had only impressed me marginally more, and now look where I'm at ;)

*fingers crossed!*

PS - crack up moment of the convo;

Ev - I just want to point out that this is one of those moments where you see how good our friendship is, I hear you talking about this and can hear the crazy. I know you well enough to know that it's a lot deeper than you're letting on, and it doesn't even lower my opinion of you one iota. I hope you know it's for you I'm reading this at all.
Me - no, it's for Bethy, you would never have read it for me.
Ev - well okay, you're right, it's for Bethy I started it, but, it's for you I'm sticking with it.
Me - aww, may I just reemphasize how much Parker and I are going to flip when you join us?
Ev - I know, it's going to be nuts, but, don't count on me getting super excited ...

(oh Ev, you just don't know what I have in store for you!)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Twinatic Is Now On Twitter

I haven't really seriously signed up for twitter before, as I don't have a cool phone, or a plan, that would support such a habit.

From time to time I've gone over and read up what someone was tweeting (@simonpegg cracks me up on a regular basis) but, haven't really followed anyone or posted.

Until today. I finally broke down and started a twitter page. More and more lately, I've been reading on the blogs I follow that there is a lot of in between post tweeting going on, and I'm starting to feel like I'm missing half the action. Then, last night, STY posts (over on twitarded) that they got an e-mail that they went to twitter for input on, and then I really felt left out!

So, today I went and opened up a twitter account! The tweet title I wanted was already taken, so, I had to come up with something else. You can now find me over at if you care about such things. I can't say I'll be very verbose, but, now I can at least follow the action from time to time and see what I've been missing.

Also, well rounded geek that I am (I'm working on this term, I used to use omni-geek to describe that I'm a big geek in multiple areas, but, it came across as sounding like I think I know everything geek, which I don't, so I'm trying on multi-geek, renaissance geek, and well rounded geek, we'll see what sticks) anywho, the point is, I'm a big geek, about a lot of things, also and very specific, so I spent WAY too much time this morning adding the twitter widget to the side of the page and dinking with the html coding until it looked just right (color size, etc.) with the blog ;)

Ridiculous? Yes, yes it is, but, now I smile when I click to my blog and appreciate how well everything fits and that it's the right colors. Yes, I know I'm weird, I've come to terms with it, as it seems to be not changing anytime soon :)

And soon, I'm sure, I'll go waste way to much time on twitter adjusting the html so it looks more like the blog, no one else will care, but, I sure like the consistancey!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Unexpected Surprise

As you may or may not know, my longest known Bestie, Evicia, (introduced in the Parkvicia Birthday Bash post) has up until now, not been a twi-fan.

Not only has she been not a fan, she has been one of my most avid Twi-hecklers (you know them, will make fun of it at the drop of a hat, and announce to anyone around that you're a rabid fan if the topic even sort of comes up) and until yesterday, had shown no signs of ever changing. (She's an English major who turns her nose up at trashy pop fic.)

Yesterday she hit me out of the blue with "Can I borrow your copy of Twilight?"

As we were on the phone, I was able to keep my SQUEE to myself, and she couldn't see me hopping up and down like an idiot. I was very proud of the fact that I managed a very casual "sure" in response.

Although I'm ever so grateful to have my twi-partime partner in crime Parker, it would be oh so lovely to have Evicia on board as well! Plus, I know Parker is going to flip if this goes well! (and really now, by 'goes well' I don't just mean I'm hoping Ev likes it, I'm pulling for her to be smacked stupid with the twitarding stick!)

When finally I managed to nonchalantly slide the 'how come' question in, it turns out that Bethany, (the girl they assigned to Ev in the big sister program she's participating in) has read and loved the whole series, and although Ev never would have read them for me, she'll read them in order to have more in common/ things to talk about with Bethy. (which in all reality is very good big sissing)

Whatever, hi-five Bethany for potentially making my life a little more awesome!

It's still unknown if she'll convert into a fan, there is the possibility she'll just then be an educated hater (or most hopefully get twi-jacked and join me in the ranks of nonsensical crazy obsessive fangals *fingers crossed*), I'll keep you posted!

Bad Evi!
No hurting the precious!