Sunday, November 1, 2009

Unexpected Surprise

As you may or may not know, my longest known Bestie, Evicia, (introduced in the Parkvicia Birthday Bash post) has up until now, not been a twi-fan.

Not only has she been not a fan, she has been one of my most avid Twi-hecklers (you know them, will make fun of it at the drop of a hat, and announce to anyone around that you're a rabid fan if the topic even sort of comes up) and until yesterday, had shown no signs of ever changing. (She's an English major who turns her nose up at trashy pop fic.)

Yesterday she hit me out of the blue with "Can I borrow your copy of Twilight?"

As we were on the phone, I was able to keep my SQUEE to myself, and she couldn't see me hopping up and down like an idiot. I was very proud of the fact that I managed a very casual "sure" in response.

Although I'm ever so grateful to have my twi-partime partner in crime Parker, it would be oh so lovely to have Evicia on board as well! Plus, I know Parker is going to flip if this goes well! (and really now, by 'goes well' I don't just mean I'm hoping Ev likes it, I'm pulling for her to be smacked stupid with the twitarding stick!)

When finally I managed to nonchalantly slide the 'how come' question in, it turns out that Bethany, (the girl they assigned to Ev in the big sister program she's participating in) has read and loved the whole series, and although Ev never would have read them for me, she'll read them in order to have more in common/ things to talk about with Bethy. (which in all reality is very good big sissing)

Whatever, hi-five Bethany for potentially making my life a little more awesome!

It's still unknown if she'll convert into a fan, there is the possibility she'll just then be an educated hater (or most hopefully get twi-jacked and join me in the ranks of nonsensical crazy obsessive fangals *fingers crossed*), I'll keep you posted!

Bad Evi!
No hurting the precious!


Rob's Swiss Miss said...

Yes!!!! There is nothing more exciting than being an enabler and pushing the "product". Getting another person hooked is a high all unto itself. And seriously, who doesn't bond more closely with an existing friend over Twilight?! My fingers are crossed...because I have yet to come across someone who read the series and didn't like them. They don't always become as *hooked* as us, but at least they can appreciate it.

Oh, and by the by, Mr. Swiss is my biggest heckler. I've started to threaten to withhold relations if he doesn't stop embarassing me and start looking at it more as a hobby. He's catching on a little better with proper motivation :)

Keep us posted on the conversion process!

(Molly) Twinatic said...

Well, I probably won't be able to hand the book off to her until Friday night, and then, as she's really busy, it might be a tad before she can start reading, but, I'll definitely keep posted! :)

We might even get her caught up in time to accompany me to my second or third viewing of New Moon!

Bex said...

Nooo make her spit him out!! x

(Molly) Twinatic said...

I know, it was truly horrifying!

He was okay though, and as a gentleman, he resisted ripping her to shreds at my request ;)