Monday, November 16, 2009

Nothing to Wear!!!

Now that we're officially in the New Moon week (SQUEEE!!!), the planning is ramping up.

Previously, we've talked about and tried to coordinate when we're meeting, what supplies we'll be bringing, and what to do while we're in line.

We've decided on hip flasks, bringing the minis, had a plan to watch Twilight on my laptop while in line (which changed when we heard about the secret unannounced double feature) bringing my twilight director's notebook/movie companion, cupcakes were discussed, as well as many other plans.

I hadn't, until yesterday, thought much about what I was going to wear.

I had ruled out 'Going as a Cullen' when I realized the contacts were super expensive, but, that was about it. I knew I was going to get out my bracelets and kind of left it at that.

Yesterday though, I really started to think about what clothes I was going to wear, and realized ... I want a proper shirt, and I want it BAD!!!

Like going to a concert, you just have to have the right shirt to wear!!! (although while at a concert you can wear another band's shirt that's similar to the one whos show you're at, or the band you're seeings shirt from a previous tour, not the shirt you bought at the concession stand that day, I don't think such rules apply to movie going...)

So I cruised over to the Hot Topic New Moon Store, and started browsing their selection. Wow, they have a lot of nice stuff!!! I had previously perused the Nordstrom's line, and it's okay, but, not quite what I was looking for. HT seems to be my merch supplier of choice.

After looking around I decided that one of my most favorites was the Edward Shirt which is not only dreamy on the front:

But, also has a very cute little detail on the back:

I think Mr. Twinatic may just shit a brick (or get his eyes stuck in his head from rolling them so hard) if I end up getting this one.

I also found this Most Awesome Reversible Purse!!! It has two printed sides so you can wear it either way out, then it has a nifty pattern on the inside, it's like three purses in one!!!


I was very impressed by how awesome it is and how I feel like I'm getting such a bargain! By now, I am also far enough out of the Twi-closet, I would wear it loud and proud!

The main problem is moolah, as in we don't have any, and also as in I have already spent WAY more money on this that I need to/we have/I have in practically a years worth of spending budget (keep in mind spending budget is not really big round here) so although I have a near pathological need to posses these items and wear them on Thursday, I can't just yet ... but, I'm working on it ...

So far, I've found out there's a plasma donation center in the area, I'm going to call and see what they pay, and find out if I can free up two hours of time at any point ... will try to list some stuff from around the house on an eBay short auction, may finally take some old baby stuff to the consignment store, and last but not least, ask my boss for my paycheck a few days early this week ... see, twilight can be helpful, it's motivating me to do all these things I should be doing already (with the exception of plasma donation and begging for an advance ... those are not necessarily things I've been procrastinating about ...)

Last but not least, as I was putting this post together, I noticed a new Cullen Family Tee they just added today, that may now be holding second (and more reasonable) option to the edward tee ...

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(Molly) Twinatic said...

I think I've decided to do a can drive, we'll see how much I can end up raising ;)