Thursday, November 5, 2009

Twinatic Is Now On Twitter

I haven't really seriously signed up for twitter before, as I don't have a cool phone, or a plan, that would support such a habit.

From time to time I've gone over and read up what someone was tweeting (@simonpegg cracks me up on a regular basis) but, haven't really followed anyone or posted.

Until today. I finally broke down and started a twitter page. More and more lately, I've been reading on the blogs I follow that there is a lot of in between post tweeting going on, and I'm starting to feel like I'm missing half the action. Then, last night, STY posts (over on twitarded) that they got an e-mail that they went to twitter for input on, and then I really felt left out!

So, today I went and opened up a twitter account! The tweet title I wanted was already taken, so, I had to come up with something else. You can now find me over at if you care about such things. I can't say I'll be very verbose, but, now I can at least follow the action from time to time and see what I've been missing.

Also, well rounded geek that I am (I'm working on this term, I used to use omni-geek to describe that I'm a big geek in multiple areas, but, it came across as sounding like I think I know everything geek, which I don't, so I'm trying on multi-geek, renaissance geek, and well rounded geek, we'll see what sticks) anywho, the point is, I'm a big geek, about a lot of things, also and very specific, so I spent WAY too much time this morning adding the twitter widget to the side of the page and dinking with the html coding until it looked just right (color size, etc.) with the blog ;)

Ridiculous? Yes, yes it is, but, now I smile when I click to my blog and appreciate how well everything fits and that it's the right colors. Yes, I know I'm weird, I've come to terms with it, as it seems to be not changing anytime soon :)

And soon, I'm sure, I'll go waste way to much time on twitter adjusting the html so it looks more like the blog, no one else will care, but, I sure like the consistancey!


Mrs. Vanquish said...

Yeah for Twitter! I felt the same once that was way I joined the Twitterverse, and it is as addicting like blogging..

*waves* good to have you there now!

And your site looks super nice, all colors fir perfectly, I like that !

(Molly) Twinatic said...

yeah, it looks like this twitter thing's gonna be a problem ... like I needed one more twisaturated thing to eat all my time! (blogs, fanfic, twitweets, stalking RPattz pics, you know!)

but yea, feel like I'm less missing out already!

And thank you for liking the colors :D I would have spent the time anyway because it really does please me so, but, it's nice to hear it looks nice from an opinion other than my own :)

Snarkier Than You said...

Yay - you made it!! It a lot of fun, that Twitter... And you can set it so that it doesn't go to your phone - I only get DMs/direct messages on my phone so it doesn't amount to many tweets...

oh and btw your blog looks fab! I need to take the fixes that Mrs. Vanquish made for us and put them to use - eep! Sorry Mrs. V!!

: )

(Molly) Twinatic said...


I've been liking Twitter okay so far, it does seem though that since I'm only logged in a few times a day, that now that I'm following a lot of my friends, sometimes I still miss a lot! (chatty birdies) but, it's fun, and I at least have a chance to go back and read up on stuff now :)

Rob's Swiss Miss said...

It's about time you got your butt on Twitter! *looks around shamefully to see if anyone notices that I've only been on twitter a couple weeks*

I'm not on very often, but I love the instant access to other twi-freaks when I need a "fix".

And I'm so jealous of the twitter widget! Maybe I'll need to start embracing my slight geekitude as well (although mine is more OCD - ha!).