Monday, November 9, 2009

Evicia Conversion Project: Update the First

As you may or may not have read in previous posts, my Bestie (of 23 years) Evicia, at long last asked to borrow the book.

The handover formally occurred, in a very dramatic fashion, (although no pix were taken; BOO), which involved much kneeling, parading, and overemphasized presentation of the book (the word 'bestowing' would at least apply), on Friday night.

I handed it over with the simple comment "ignore at least half of the bits about how pretty he is" and left it at that (there's so much more I wanted to say, but, didn't want to torpedo the effort...)

Last night (sunday) at about 10pm, I got the call. To be honest, I was expecting it sooner. As you probably can guess, it went a little like this:

Mr. Twinatic - answeres the phone and comes to hand it to me - "It's Ev"
Me - deep breathing for a moment to get over the pissed of getting a call that late on sunday, and to unclench my teeth enough  to talk nice ...

(side note - I'm weirdly protective of my Sundays, no one may bother me, and if Ev calls, I usually don't mind, she gets a pass generally speaking, but, my boss called earlier in the afternoon to ask me questions that could only be answered if I was in front of the files on my computer at work, which immediately crashed my ability to further handle any other Sunday phone calls from the outside world)

Me - Hello (trying to not roll my eyes or growl)
Ev - Oh my gosh, I don't know if I can handle hearing about how beautiful he is even one more time!!!
Me - (thawing out immediately, if we're going to talk about twilight, it's ALL good!!!) *laughing* hey, you were warned, you have to just pretend it's not stated at least half if not two thirds of the time!
Ev - well, I can let some of it go, I remember what it was like to be in high school and to drool over someone, it really was nearly that painful, can I just say how glad I am to be grown up dating now? That being said, it's on mega overkill now!
Me - No shiz!
Ev - Can I also just say how funny I think it is that they cast the guy they did for the movie (side note - I know right? "That guy?" Whatevs, we're gonna work on this!) he's in no way pretty, he has a frankenbrow and is just not to be stared at with drool this much!

admittedly, not his finest look...

Me - *takes a minute to be able to rationally answer* get through the book first, then when we're near some internet (she has none right now) I'll show you a few things. I didn't necessarily like how they styled him for twilight, but, there's some photo shoots you should see. If you get to the webs without me, just look up GQ Pattinson for starters.

I rest my case, 
this is where you see what's the fuss!

Ev - I'm also going to say, I'm about a hundred pages in, and it doesn't seem to be getting better...
Me - *pausing a moment again to apply my restraint so I don't go all preachy fangirl on her ass* It's one of those things you'll just have to get through the first one, and plow through the rest, then I'll give you some supplemental reading and you'll hopefully start to see what this is about, so bear with me here. They get a bit better written as they go. Keep in mind, with the way it came to her, and her prior history of writing, this is basically fanfic. It's a great story that happened to a not quite so awesome writer and then was passed to a terrible screenwriter and a batshit director. Even if you may not love the books or the movie, there's so much about it that's awesome! You're gonna have to spot me some faith for a tad, it's a long haul imersion.
Ev - okay, I trust you...but, I'm not sure I'll get it...
Me - *trying to not show too much of the crazy zeal* yeah, once you get past the canon, there's all kinds of extras (midnight sun) and fanfics that really add some dimension and maturity-ish.  Someday we'll get you to the point that cupcakes, lemons, and unicorns mean soemthing so much more to you than they do now.
Ev - *laughs* not gonna lie, I'm feeling a little scared right now ...

And so it went for a bit longer. I pulled back the curtain just enough to let her know that my twicraziness goes much deeper than anyone in my RL currently knows. That not even Mr Twinatic nor current PartTime TwiPartner in Crime Parker knows how bad it is (that I blog, that I follow dozens upon dozens of blogs, that I set up blogger, gmail, facebook, and twitter accounts just for this, that I've not only read my first fanfic, but, read more fanfic than real books as of late, or just how many magazines and action figures I have, that I have jewelry now, etc). She asked if I had written a fanfic and laughed when I admited that I've got two I'm on the verge of writing.

Ultimately, I plan to get her through the book, midnight sun, the other three, the movie, then move her onto wide awake, the office, etc. ultimately securing her as a co-blogger (hey, I dream big m'kay ;)

The long and the short, we'll just have to wait to see how this goes. So far, it doesn't impress her much, but, to be fair, at this point, it had only impressed me marginally more, and now look where I'm at ;)

*fingers crossed!*

PS - crack up moment of the convo;

Ev - I just want to point out that this is one of those moments where you see how good our friendship is, I hear you talking about this and can hear the crazy. I know you well enough to know that it's a lot deeper than you're letting on, and it doesn't even lower my opinion of you one iota. I hope you know it's for you I'm reading this at all.
Me - no, it's for Bethy, you would never have read it for me.
Ev - well okay, you're right, it's for Bethy I started it, but, it's for you I'm sticking with it.
Me - aww, may I just reemphasize how much Parker and I are going to flip when you join us?
Ev - I know, it's going to be nuts, but, don't count on me getting super excited ...

(oh Ev, you just don't know what I have in store for you!)


Rob's Swiss Miss said...

I feel like I'm sitting here in the audience just rooting you along! I want her to love it. She *needs* to love it. You really don't appreciate the entire effect until you get online and you realize there's a whole world of people who understand your random references, the things that make you giggle, squee and squirm. The fanpires are half of what makes this crazy ride so much fun!

Here's to you hopefully converting your future twi-bloggity-spouse :)

Fire Crotch said...

It's gonna happen. Just be patient. I've converted many a hater and now they have made me so proud because they are bringing more into the fold every day. I just heard from one of my besties (she was especially hard to convince and I felt like it took her forever to get through the books) that she has converted another at her office only just today. But there are those that are just never going to get into the mania as much as you...I don't think Ev will fall into this category, but I just want to warn you. I have a cousin like that. I will admit that it is a blight on the family tree.