Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Twidiculous Can Drive for an Ignoble Cause

After pondering how to get my grubby mits on some Twimerch for the premier, my initial ideas of stealing, donating plasma, and begging didn't really catch my fancy, so I continued to brainstorm ... a lot. It wasn't until I was tripping over Mr Twinatic's beer cans on my way to the kitchen that it hit me. A can drive!!!

For those of you that are not familiar with this concept and are wondering what the heck I'm talking about, let me elaborate.

I live in Oregon, a state with many little quirks about it. such as (but not limited to, and in no particular order) the following:

     - The most hippies per capita of anywhere on the planet anywhere
     - Other than mexico, it's the number one place VW bugs and busses go to die, and or live out their last legs (still the transportation of choice for said overwhelming number of hippies ... which I'm not mocking at all, I'm kind of one of them ... hippie lite if you will)
     - a country fair which, I've been told, is pretty much as close to attending the first woodstock/living the seventies as you can get.

     - No sales tax (slightly higher property tax though) the price tag really is what you pay (making all oregonians look like idiots first stop outta state on a trip)
     - is pretty much the best breastfeeding state, both as far as tolerance to breastfeeding, and as far as how many/how long breastfeed (in analysis reports comparing all states, Oregon is top in all categories in all tests that I could find)
     - a town where it's legal for everyone to go topless if they so please (although women aren't allowed to BBQ or mow the lawn without a shirt)
     - several nudist colonies
     - has the second highest minimum wage in the country
     - you can't pump your own gas, it's illegal, you get an attendant every time, no extra charge (again making us look like idiots first stop outta state)
     - the only state flag with two different sides

     - microbrewries galore (we may be the microbrew capital of the US)
     - the only place outside of Israel where Myrtlewood grows

     - the grass seed capital of the world (not even exaggerating here)
     - one of the only states with nearly every geographical feature possible in it
     - doctor assisted suicide
     - curbside co-mingled recycling service and yard waste debris collection (on garbage day, no extra charge, yay for hippies!)
     - fully nude strippers and fully stocked liquor bars in the same establishment (I know you super care about this one, but, apparently, that's pretty rare, and you may not realize this, but, that applies to both male and or female strippers, plus, they can't change it if they wanted to, it's in our constitution that it has to stay that way)
     - and last but not least (I'm sure there's much more, this list is just off the top of my head) Bottle Return! (again, generally thanks to the hippies that love to recycle)

All in all, a pretty sweet state! (and honestly, even though I'll travel a lot and visit many a place, I'm never moving out of state if I can help it!) But back to the subject at hand, you get 5 cents (where the heck is the little cents symbol?!?) for every aluminum can and every plastic or glass bottle you take back to the grocery store.

I gleefully announced my fund raiser on my RL facebook page, and although several people liked my post, no one coughed up any cans! Not a great way to start off a fund raising effort, but, it was okay, I had a plan! Mr Twinatic likes his evening imbibement most definitely. He does not however, like to return his cans. I refuse to let him just recycle them, as it's literally throwing away money! I haven't taken them back since summer, so they've been building up for at least six months, this plan was perfect!!! Also, my in laws like to host a lot of football related excuses to drink and also hadn't taken many back.

All in all, two days, some change scrounging, and tons of coins later, I was able to come up with $50.00 and hit up Hot Topic this morning, I ended up getting a shirt AND the handbag!!! Super Score!!! I now feel ready (or very nearly) for the premier!

Our HT didn't have the Edward shirt I wanted
so I got his one instead :)

(as this post was getting really really ridiculously long, so, I saved all the details of the returning of the cans and how Mini E helped out on another post,  clicky here to read all about it :)


Alice said...

Hahaha I must admit your state sound pretty cool! A lot less conservative as we Europeans expect from a US state. Congratz for finally having your items!

Btw: we have bottle return in Belgium too. ;).

Fire Crotch said...

Okay, you like a lot of nekkidness in your state. Sounds awesome. And totally nude strippers? Awesome. Virginia doesn't have that I don't think. Weird, I know. But the can drive was a stupendous idea. Congrats on the new twi-merch!

mmMoxie said...

So glad you got your NM stuff!

Now that I know you don't have to pump your own gas in Oregon, I am more determined to move there! That was one of my favorite things about living in Massachusetts. I live in Phoenix, AZ's a do-it-yourself state. I hate pumping gas!

(Molly) Twinatic said...

Alice - it's interesting, the bigger cities along the interstate seem to be very liberal, but, the rural areas that actually make up most of the state are pretty conservative. Neither faction (based on people I know, but, maybe not entirely representative) don't mind the nudity, the recycling, or some of the other things about our state. I would love to see more states have bottle return, I think it's a great incentive to do the recycling.

Fire Crotch - Oh yea, we like our nekkidness here!!! Also our pot, our guns, our hunting and fishing, and our camping. Some people complain about all the hippies, but, overall, I think that attitude is part of why were such a cool state today. I didn't realize how unique our stripper situation was until we had some friends visit from out of state, somehow strip clubs came up and they couldn't believe we get to drink while viewing full nudity, they thought it sounded like the best thing ever and kept going on about it!

mmMoxie - you'll have to let me know if/when you move here! We'll have to throw some fabulous twievents!!! I can pump gas, but, do like (especially in the winter) not having to get out! We're kind of spoiled here.

It was funny, this was more supposed to be about the adventure of returning cans, but, ended up more about oregon, oh well, you'll have to stop over at the photo account though if you haven't already (the link at the end of the post will take you there). It was pretty fun! And now my comment is as long as another post ... I guess the writing is just there this week!