Friday, October 30, 2009

New Moon Minis

So, a while ago, I got myself the New Moon Mini Bella, and the New Moon Mini Jacob (series 1)

Even though I got them a bit ago. I just haven't done much with them. Apparently my NM induced ennui extended to playing with my toys, and reading my companion publications. 

I only got Bella and Jacob so far because I decided to not spend an insane amount of money on action figures (for some reason, Alice is the most expensive of these minis, getting them separately was a bit spendy, and while getting a set was cheaper, then I'd be stuck with a Creepward) finally, one sensible spending decision when it comes to something twi! Yeah, we'll see how long that lasts ...

Anyway, here's the new Minis (and sorry in advance that the pix aren't so good this time, the settings on the cam weren't quite right, and then the battery died before I could do much to fix it...)

Introducing NM Mini B

and NM Mini J

I have until now, resisted in getting my original Mini E a Bella. All the Twilight Bella's that I found came with a Shadesward (not terrible, but, still ends up with an odd man out), and all of them, that I saw at least, had messed up faces.

I was thinking he may take a fancy to NM Bella, but, alas, this is not the case.

Mini E meets the NM Minis

Other than the fact that he's not always too warm to new action figures, one of the biggest problems boils down to wardrobe.

I guess even though both stories happen at the same times of year in the books, in the movies, Twilight is in winter, and New Moon is a summer flick.

Whilst Edward bundles up pointlessly in a coat, Jacob and Bella are flaunting sleevless fares. Mini E just feels too overdressed next to NM Mini B. I think he either feels like he's being conspicuous by being over dressed, or that he's got the right amount of layers, and she's freezing without him even being able to offer her his coat. There's also the issue of NM Mini J, he seems to be a tad territorial over what he feels is 'his Bella'

Normally a coat may not be enough kill a romance, but, in this case, it is.

I guess we'll just have to keep looking for a decent looking coat wearing Bella while we let the tee shirt set to themselves.

Alas, Mini E is still flyin' solo (well, on my arm at least)
and NM J&B will be the new couple in town.

What's Ahead

Part of my absence has been that for a while now I've been wanting to develop my writing, I've wanted to put out a better quality product, something more fleshed out and funny, like the fabulous girls over at Twilight. And then I got over it, I'm a full time mom, full time handyman, full time CPA, full time chef and coordinator, overtaxed on all, paid for none, oh, and I actually hold a paid job doing insurance billing submissions and office work at a local small business (that lets me have flexible hours and bring my ornery toddler along, so hey!)

I love the ladies at Twitarded, but, I'm just not them. I'm not to that level, yet. I may get there someday, I may not, I'm cool with it either way ;)

Also, it's just me, I don't have a partner in crime, so I'm letting myself off the hook in more ways than one. What gets written gets written. Could I do better? Yes. Is it practical with the life I'm living? Not so much.

Aside from that, I've had a lot of time lately to not only ruminate on all the tings wrong with twilight. But, how some of the demands/changes Scummit/CH/MR made have really changed where this whole thing is going, and what some things mean now. Even down to who some of the characters are anymore. 

There will likely be a lot of whining on how we've been robbed. Boring? Maybe, but, it's where I'm at ;)

PS - also, I've been tagged by mmMoxie to do the Internet Meme that Twitarded started, I'll be getting to that in my usual lazy procrastinating way, so, you should be seeing that sometime before the close of '09...

Oh Twinatic, it's good to have you back!
It hasn't been the same with you gone!
Oh, this thing with my fingers?
Yeah, I'm doing that just for you ;)


Just like that, I'm over it! I've been AWOL due to a massive case of NM/Scummit/life induced ennui.

I hit a patch (as apparently did most of the twi-bloggy world) where New Moon was impossibly far away, yet, so much footage being leaked! Not close to the promo tour yet, but, being flooded with bits of the movie. Scummit being assholey about non licensed merch, but, no licsensed merch being released.

So close, and yet so far.

And now, snap, beyond it.

It didn't help that we've had to do a lot of winterizing, the kids are past the honeymoon stage of back to school, I hadn't been working out in like two months, we've been hashing over a few things with our mortgage company for about nine months now without making much progress, I've been being super creative with an upside down budget (we all still have our jobs thankfully, but, all hours have been cut back) stalked by a whiney teething toddler, and on and on. A lot of this has either been resolved, restarted, and or progress seen.

I went through a phase in early Oct where I was burned out on twilight, twilight blogs (as most of them were filled with yet even more new moon deets) and the books (as I didn't want to go over them again too close to the movie, or all the inconsistencies would piss me off) so I read some FanFic for a while, but, even that sort of started feeling repetitive.

So I went off the wall. It was weird, but, I've been on twi blackout. It started resolving itself a bit, when Scummit went after Twitarded on Zazzle (too lazy to make these links right now ... boo lazy girl, boo) something too stimulating and scandalizing to avoid, then I started re-listening to my twilight books on tape (listening processes differently than reading for me, some stuff sticks out that I may have previously overlooked, and some stuff goes right by) and now, I'm just feeling it again, maybe it's the Halloween weekend, the buzz in the air, maybe it's the complete overdo of Vampire Halloween on FB Vampire Wars (managing 4 vamps is nearly a full time job!)

Maybe it's because we're less than a month from NEW MOON!!! Maybe it's because I caught my first new moon spot on TV, but whatever it is, you should be seeing some new posts coming up soon!

No but really, if you're on FB, friend me,
I'll let you join my clan! : D

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Bloggy ADD

So, I've started, and failed to finish, about 7-10 different blog subjects ... don't know what's on the fritz, but, I can get ideas and sketch out a post, then get dissatisfied with content/length/lack of a certain something, whatever, and don't actually finish.

I'm starting to irritate myself!

Anywho, just to let you know part of why my blog's so lame lately :)

Hope to finish any and all of them up ever ... I know, great guarantee right?! ; )

And so this post is a little less lame itself, here's a little eye candy.

(mostly good fanip from over at LTT)
see, even image searching lacks focus, direction, and followthrough...

Friday, October 16, 2009

Team Paul!!! (lots of new hottness ahead!!!)

It's no secret, I love Alex Meraz! Ever since they announced who would be the wolf pack, I've picked him out as my favoritest! I'm sure that the others are very nice, but, New Sam looks kinda old (and sometimes creepy, I'm sure I'll like him better after I see the movie) Jared is just kinda 'eh, and Embry just ... doesn't strike me quite right, I'm sure Kiowa is very nice and all, but, he just looks very intense (again in a slightly creepy way) and goofy every time I see him. And don't get me started on Quil, that's a whole other mess!

Anywho, Twiscoop on FB this morning sent me to Alex's myspace album and OMG!!! My very high opinion of him skyrocketed into the stratosphere!!!

Let me share with you!

In case you're not sure which one's Alex (what is wrong with you if you don't?!?) it's this guy, and for now, I'm ignoring the fact that he's married and his wife is pregnant (or had the kid recently, I haven't really checked)

Hot right? Then I saw this

Wow right? It get's better!

He starts painting himself and wearing loinclothes!!! (*drool!!!*)

um, wow

How much does it cost to stand in for Santee here?

And a sense of humor to top it off? I was already sold, but, this is just icing on the cake!!!

Check out the whole album HERE there's more goodies even than I've put in here! The boy can move, he's hot, and he's funny ... where do I sign up!!!

Lost in Winterizing and FanFic Land

I've been a bad blogger, I'll admit it, I was doing so well maintaining my decently updating clip, and then, it was time to winterize, and most of my time went to getting the house ready for the rain (we live in oregon, the rain lasts for about six months once it gets started...)

On top of that, my spare time has been eaten by bills, trying to juggle an inverted budget, and oh noes, FAN FIC!!!

I've powered through The Office, The Submissive and The Dominate (just wasn't ready to dive into the training yet) am now in Clipped Wings & Inked Armor, and have a list of ones next on the docket (my yes, my no, poughkeepsie, emancipation proclamation, waiting for dawn, and the trip home.)

I'm too lazy right now (read as: twitching to get back to my fanfic) to make them links at this time, but, will do it soon. If you're thinking about trying any of these out, be aware, that The Office, and CW&IA are incomplete so far, they're posting new chapters here and there, but, they aren't full stories yet, you'll have to wait for the rest of it! (wide awake is another good one that's complete)

Waiting for New Moon is turning into quite the time consuming venture!

The long and the short, I will try to be better about posting a little more often, but, may be more distracted than usual as I get my jollies off over some steamie stories!

ooo, super yummy Tattward!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

So Funny/New Ways to Watch Twilight/Gift Your SO

This blog has such a bad title because it kind of covers/addresses/was inspired by several different things (yeah, you get a bad explanation to explain the bad's just one of those days/I'm getting a cold/am retarded) so this is going to be all over the place.

First, I have long thought that Twilight is not the best movie. I ate it up in the theater, made my mom buy the DVD the day it came out (I couldn't give summit money for that piece of crap, but, couldn't live without the only twilight movie out there either) and have watched it many many times, but know and acknowledge, it's not awesome.

More and more, I've found that I can't watch just the movie all the way through. I find myself time and again either just watching extras, or putting it in and just watching a few scenes here and there until over the course of a few days I've gotten through the whole movie. There's just so much wrong with it (I'm sure I'll eventually do a blog on that), I'm to the point where I can only take small doses at a time.

Secondly, I hadn't watched the DVD with commentary yet, but, somewhere along the line in the comments for this Twitarded post someone mentions that the commentary is so funny. That got me through another viewing, but, to be honest, I mostly just listened to it while I was doing something else. I was running out of ways to get to watch this hot mess!

Thirdly, Tara Twihard over at [Insert Tacky Fan Name Here] posted a blog with this video in it:

Which not only made me laugh, but, made me SQUEE as my inner omni-nerd recognized, by sound, Mike, Servo, and Crow! Could this really be? Two of my favorite things Twilight and MST3K together!

Which led me to follow the link to YouTube, read the paragraph, and deduce that this isn't just some clip someone hobbled together, that this may just be a full movie length thing, that the old MST3K team were still together and doing projects, just under the name RiffTrax now.

I then went to their site and found this bit of awesome, RiffTrax Take on Twilight! A full length MP3 audio track that you pay $4.00 for, download, and play while you're watching the movie! (you have to have a copy of the movie, the download is just their audio to be played at the same time)

I immediately bought the file, and made some plans, which brings me to...

Fourthly, as some of the other ladies in the Twidom have discovered, there's a lot of husbands that resent the whole obsession, can't stand the movie, can't stand RPattz, can't stand that this ... thing ... is eating so much of his wife's time!

My hubs is one of those men. He was initially appalled by the amount of twi stuff that started showing up around the house (he didn't even find the half of it!) Not pleased with the amount of my conversation it was starting to consume, the amount of times he caught me on the computer doing nothing but looking at twi blogs/pictures/merch/etc. He got a bit angry when he found my Mini E, even stating later when he confessed he found it "I obviously wasn't that mad, we still did it that day" (Nice Mr. Twinatic, very well put *eyeroll*)

But, in all fairness, he got over the frustration and anger pretty quick and has been living in acceptance and making fun of ever since.

He already knew I was crazy, already new I was a fangirl, already knew I had obsessive/collective tendencies. He's already been through my Sandman, ElfQuest, BtVS, LotR, firefly, heros, and many other, loves, and knows I sometimes tend to overlook the crappiness of some things if part of it has captured me enough in some way. So this wasn't new necessarily, I just think he wasn't thrilled to be going through it again, bigger, and over something he thought was so terrible through and through.

He hadn't watched the movie yet, he tried to read the books a bit on the sly so he could get a feel for this thing, but, couldn't he thinks the books are terrible and terribly written. He did not have high hopes for the movie and was downput even more when he heard me dogging on it as well.

In all Likelihood, he never would have watched it. Until I tapped into his love of MST3K, it wasn't going to happen. (mystery science theater 3000 for those who aren't familiar) I flat out told him last night that he was going to watch Twilight with me,  and that Mike Nelson was going to help him through.

He actually got kind of exited.

It took a few tries to sync it up right, but then we were off, and let me tell you ladies IT WAS HILARIOUS!!!

Thanks to RiffTrax, I now have a new way to watch Twilight! I would only recommend this if you have a sense of humor, but, it was really nice to watch it with hubs, get a good laugh, and give him some knowledge (and ammo for that matter) of this thing I love.

When we got done, he confirmed that he thought it was in the top three of worst movies ever made, and that even with the riff, if they hadn't commented how they did in the first backpack running scene, he wouldn't have finished it. (and really, it's four dollars well spent for that scene alone, I almost choked on water and peed at the same time, it struck me just right)

After this long and rambly blog, the point is, go spend the four dollars and throw your hun/SO a bone, he will probably secretly love the smack down they lay on this movie! Plus, it's a way for you to spend time together without either party having to give in quite as much ; )

PS - they have both the PAL and the NTSC versions available, so everyone should be able to enjoy this!

Monday, October 5, 2009


Check out our Pumpkin Carving Party, it ended up turning out some cute pumpkins, one even that looks a little thirsty...

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Help Us Out

Stan over at Under My Edbrella, made a kick ass photo-shoot to recreate the New Moon trailer staring her Mini Edward.

I took the stills and put them into a movie kinda thing

And here's where you come in, as you noticed, there's no music. I couldn't find the right music, so, I used none instead of the wrong music.

So, please leave your suggestions for music (artist and title/track name) in the comments, I'll check it out and if I can find it for free/it's a good match, I'll stick it in :)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hot Topic's Brilliant Attempt to Get Guys Laid

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that Hot Topic just released all their licensed and authorized New Moon Merch today.

As is typical, coming from Scummit, some of it is cool, but, most of it is just phoned in. Movie posters and Cullen Crests plastered all over everything. To their credit though, it seems to be done slightly better/with more variety than with the Twilight merch.

I did find a few items really odd though:

When I ran across these Men's shirts (and yes I did check the size listing, they are posted as sized for men) my first thought was that no guy out there would ever wear this!

I don't even know any gay guys that like Twilight at all let alone enough to be seen in shirts like these. Even the ones that think RPattz is hot probably wouldn't go out with his face plastered that big on the front like that.

Puzzled by why a store would put something into development much less production that they had no hope of selling, I went on my merry way.

A while later, it hit me, I know who would wear and buy these shirts!

Men with SO's that were Twijacked would so buy these shirts, not to EVER wear out mind you, but, the smart man, would see the potential, if worn around the house, to get their wife/girlfriend/partners nearly undivided attention!

She would likely follow him around all day staring at his shirt just to see Edward plastered on a man she can reach out and molest if she so chooses. This may not sound as good as him getting the attention for him, but, as the Late (in posting only) Twilight Widower makes it sound, this would be a major improvement ;)

Maybe Christmas present for the hubs/boyfriend? He may not understand it at first, but, he might just get it when you follow him around the house drooling.