Saturday, October 3, 2009

Help Us Out

Stan over at Under My Edbrella, made a kick ass photo-shoot to recreate the New Moon trailer staring her Mini Edward.

I took the stills and put them into a movie kinda thing

And here's where you come in, as you noticed, there's no music. I couldn't find the right music, so, I used none instead of the wrong music.

So, please leave your suggestions for music (artist and title/track name) in the comments, I'll check it out and if I can find it for free/it's a good match, I'll stick it in :)


SharonMacross said...

The only thing I can think of at the top of my head would be to use the music that the official trailer uses during the Italy scene.

It's called moving mountain by Twi Steps from Hell..
find it.. here. Download it, rip the audio, viola!


Twinatic said...


I was actually just running across moving mountains, had found that usher did a song by that name, and had just seen that two steps to hell also does one, but, hadn't gotten farther than that when my inbox

Again, thanks for saving me the time of trying to find where to get it!

I'll try it on with the music and see how it goes!

Rob's Swiss Miss said...

This looks really cute! Can't watch streaming video at work (internet police, grrr...). Will watch tonight!