Friday, October 30, 2009

New Moon Minis

So, a while ago, I got myself the New Moon Mini Bella, and the New Moon Mini Jacob (series 1)

Even though I got them a bit ago. I just haven't done much with them. Apparently my NM induced ennui extended to playing with my toys, and reading my companion publications. 

I only got Bella and Jacob so far because I decided to not spend an insane amount of money on action figures (for some reason, Alice is the most expensive of these minis, getting them separately was a bit spendy, and while getting a set was cheaper, then I'd be stuck with a Creepward) finally, one sensible spending decision when it comes to something twi! Yeah, we'll see how long that lasts ...

Anyway, here's the new Minis (and sorry in advance that the pix aren't so good this time, the settings on the cam weren't quite right, and then the battery died before I could do much to fix it...)

Introducing NM Mini B

and NM Mini J

I have until now, resisted in getting my original Mini E a Bella. All the Twilight Bella's that I found came with a Shadesward (not terrible, but, still ends up with an odd man out), and all of them, that I saw at least, had messed up faces.

I was thinking he may take a fancy to NM Bella, but, alas, this is not the case.

Mini E meets the NM Minis

Other than the fact that he's not always too warm to new action figures, one of the biggest problems boils down to wardrobe.

I guess even though both stories happen at the same times of year in the books, in the movies, Twilight is in winter, and New Moon is a summer flick.

Whilst Edward bundles up pointlessly in a coat, Jacob and Bella are flaunting sleevless fares. Mini E just feels too overdressed next to NM Mini B. I think he either feels like he's being conspicuous by being over dressed, or that he's got the right amount of layers, and she's freezing without him even being able to offer her his coat. There's also the issue of NM Mini J, he seems to be a tad territorial over what he feels is 'his Bella'

Normally a coat may not be enough kill a romance, but, in this case, it is.

I guess we'll just have to keep looking for a decent looking coat wearing Bella while we let the tee shirt set to themselves.

Alas, Mini E is still flyin' solo (well, on my arm at least)
and NM J&B will be the new couple in town.


Fire Crotch said...

You know what freaks me out about the NM minis? The weird places that they move. Like the wrists. Creepy.

(Molly) Twinatic said...

Hmmm, I'll have to go look again to double check, but, I don't think mine move at the wrist...