Thursday, October 8, 2009

So Funny/New Ways to Watch Twilight/Gift Your SO

This blog has such a bad title because it kind of covers/addresses/was inspired by several different things (yeah, you get a bad explanation to explain the bad's just one of those days/I'm getting a cold/am retarded) so this is going to be all over the place.

First, I have long thought that Twilight is not the best movie. I ate it up in the theater, made my mom buy the DVD the day it came out (I couldn't give summit money for that piece of crap, but, couldn't live without the only twilight movie out there either) and have watched it many many times, but know and acknowledge, it's not awesome.

More and more, I've found that I can't watch just the movie all the way through. I find myself time and again either just watching extras, or putting it in and just watching a few scenes here and there until over the course of a few days I've gotten through the whole movie. There's just so much wrong with it (I'm sure I'll eventually do a blog on that), I'm to the point where I can only take small doses at a time.

Secondly, I hadn't watched the DVD with commentary yet, but, somewhere along the line in the comments for this Twitarded post someone mentions that the commentary is so funny. That got me through another viewing, but, to be honest, I mostly just listened to it while I was doing something else. I was running out of ways to get to watch this hot mess!

Thirdly, Tara Twihard over at [Insert Tacky Fan Name Here] posted a blog with this video in it:

Which not only made me laugh, but, made me SQUEE as my inner omni-nerd recognized, by sound, Mike, Servo, and Crow! Could this really be? Two of my favorite things Twilight and MST3K together!

Which led me to follow the link to YouTube, read the paragraph, and deduce that this isn't just some clip someone hobbled together, that this may just be a full movie length thing, that the old MST3K team were still together and doing projects, just under the name RiffTrax now.

I then went to their site and found this bit of awesome, RiffTrax Take on Twilight! A full length MP3 audio track that you pay $4.00 for, download, and play while you're watching the movie! (you have to have a copy of the movie, the download is just their audio to be played at the same time)

I immediately bought the file, and made some plans, which brings me to...

Fourthly, as some of the other ladies in the Twidom have discovered, there's a lot of husbands that resent the whole obsession, can't stand the movie, can't stand RPattz, can't stand that this ... thing ... is eating so much of his wife's time!

My hubs is one of those men. He was initially appalled by the amount of twi stuff that started showing up around the house (he didn't even find the half of it!) Not pleased with the amount of my conversation it was starting to consume, the amount of times he caught me on the computer doing nothing but looking at twi blogs/pictures/merch/etc. He got a bit angry when he found my Mini E, even stating later when he confessed he found it "I obviously wasn't that mad, we still did it that day" (Nice Mr. Twinatic, very well put *eyeroll*)

But, in all fairness, he got over the frustration and anger pretty quick and has been living in acceptance and making fun of ever since.

He already knew I was crazy, already new I was a fangirl, already knew I had obsessive/collective tendencies. He's already been through my Sandman, ElfQuest, BtVS, LotR, firefly, heros, and many other, loves, and knows I sometimes tend to overlook the crappiness of some things if part of it has captured me enough in some way. So this wasn't new necessarily, I just think he wasn't thrilled to be going through it again, bigger, and over something he thought was so terrible through and through.

He hadn't watched the movie yet, he tried to read the books a bit on the sly so he could get a feel for this thing, but, couldn't he thinks the books are terrible and terribly written. He did not have high hopes for the movie and was downput even more when he heard me dogging on it as well.

In all Likelihood, he never would have watched it. Until I tapped into his love of MST3K, it wasn't going to happen. (mystery science theater 3000 for those who aren't familiar) I flat out told him last night that he was going to watch Twilight with me,  and that Mike Nelson was going to help him through.

He actually got kind of exited.

It took a few tries to sync it up right, but then we were off, and let me tell you ladies IT WAS HILARIOUS!!!

Thanks to RiffTrax, I now have a new way to watch Twilight! I would only recommend this if you have a sense of humor, but, it was really nice to watch it with hubs, get a good laugh, and give him some knowledge (and ammo for that matter) of this thing I love.

When we got done, he confirmed that he thought it was in the top three of worst movies ever made, and that even with the riff, if they hadn't commented how they did in the first backpack running scene, he wouldn't have finished it. (and really, it's four dollars well spent for that scene alone, I almost choked on water and peed at the same time, it struck me just right)

After this long and rambly blog, the point is, go spend the four dollars and throw your hun/SO a bone, he will probably secretly love the smack down they lay on this movie! Plus, it's a way for you to spend time together without either party having to give in quite as much ; )

PS - they have both the PAL and the NTSC versions available, so everyone should be able to enjoy this!


Snarkier Than You said...

Oh my - we'll definitely have to check this out!! MST3K = hilarious!

veriword = "dercula" - why do i think i might hear that if i get this mp3 download? lol...

SharonMacross said...

Like you, I can't watch the entire Twilight movie all the way through. I have the 3 disc DVD and there's a bit on the third disc of Rob playing the piano for like 15 minutes, just improving Bella'a Lullaby. I usually listen to that on repeat. =P

When I do try and watch the movie I end up falling asleep. It's pretty much my cure for insomnia.

I'm really tempted to buy the track and watch it with my new Twilight lovers book club. =x

Rob's Swiss Miss said...

This post is awesome, rambling and all :)

I've never heard of mystery theater, but I feel like I'm missing out on something good. Plus, I seriously need a way to get Mr. Swiss to watch the movie (at the very least, so that he can properly make fun of me and quick referencing fangs and neck biting).

This might be a good project for tonight :) Thanks!!