Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hot Topic's Brilliant Attempt to Get Guys Laid

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that Hot Topic just released all their licensed and authorized New Moon Merch today.

As is typical, coming from Scummit, some of it is cool, but, most of it is just phoned in. Movie posters and Cullen Crests plastered all over everything. To their credit though, it seems to be done slightly better/with more variety than with the Twilight merch.

I did find a few items really odd though:

When I ran across these Men's shirts (and yes I did check the size listing, they are posted as sized for men) my first thought was that no guy out there would ever wear this!

I don't even know any gay guys that like Twilight at all let alone enough to be seen in shirts like these. Even the ones that think RPattz is hot probably wouldn't go out with his face plastered that big on the front like that.

Puzzled by why a store would put something into development much less production that they had no hope of selling, I went on my merry way.

A while later, it hit me, I know who would wear and buy these shirts!

Men with SO's that were Twijacked would so buy these shirts, not to EVER wear out mind you, but, the smart man, would see the potential, if worn around the house, to get their wife/girlfriend/partners nearly undivided attention!

She would likely follow him around all day staring at his shirt just to see Edward plastered on a man she can reach out and molest if she so chooses. This may not sound as good as him getting the attention for him, but, as the Late (in posting only) Twilight Widower makes it sound, this would be a major improvement ;)

Maybe Christmas present for the hubs/boyfriend? He may not understand it at first, but, he might just get it when you follow him around the house drooling.

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Rob's Swiss Miss said...

I totally never thought about it from that angle. But you're absolutely right! Gay guys would have better taste...even twi-girls would think twice...but back at the ranch? Now that's another story.

I envision Mr. Swiss...wearing that t-shirt and some boxer briefs, in the kitchen whippin' me up some *sandwiches*...nice ;)