Friday, October 30, 2009


Just like that, I'm over it! I've been AWOL due to a massive case of NM/Scummit/life induced ennui.

I hit a patch (as apparently did most of the twi-bloggy world) where New Moon was impossibly far away, yet, so much footage being leaked! Not close to the promo tour yet, but, being flooded with bits of the movie. Scummit being assholey about non licensed merch, but, no licsensed merch being released.

So close, and yet so far.

And now, snap, beyond it.

It didn't help that we've had to do a lot of winterizing, the kids are past the honeymoon stage of back to school, I hadn't been working out in like two months, we've been hashing over a few things with our mortgage company for about nine months now without making much progress, I've been being super creative with an upside down budget (we all still have our jobs thankfully, but, all hours have been cut back) stalked by a whiney teething toddler, and on and on. A lot of this has either been resolved, restarted, and or progress seen.

I went through a phase in early Oct where I was burned out on twilight, twilight blogs (as most of them were filled with yet even more new moon deets) and the books (as I didn't want to go over them again too close to the movie, or all the inconsistencies would piss me off) so I read some FanFic for a while, but, even that sort of started feeling repetitive.

So I went off the wall. It was weird, but, I've been on twi blackout. It started resolving itself a bit, when Scummit went after Twitarded on Zazzle (too lazy to make these links right now ... boo lazy girl, boo) something too stimulating and scandalizing to avoid, then I started re-listening to my twilight books on tape (listening processes differently than reading for me, some stuff sticks out that I may have previously overlooked, and some stuff goes right by) and now, I'm just feeling it again, maybe it's the Halloween weekend, the buzz in the air, maybe it's the complete overdo of Vampire Halloween on FB Vampire Wars (managing 4 vamps is nearly a full time job!)

Maybe it's because we're less than a month from NEW MOON!!! Maybe it's because I caught my first new moon spot on TV, but whatever it is, you should be seeing some new posts coming up soon!

No but really, if you're on FB, friend me,
I'll let you join my clan! : D

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