Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Coolest Husband Ever!!!

In response to a comment (left by SharonMacross) on my post about the NM minis, I decided to see if there really was a lego Edward, and to see if he did indeed look better than Creepward (wouldn't be hard!)

When I came across this piece of awesomeness:

The note with it reads "Edward Cullen Munny from Twilight - a gift to my beloved wife!" (would you look at that?!? a husband [not mine] who is not only okay with the twisession, but, enables it!)

Flickr user oky_doky1979 proceeds to explain that he made this bit of tender awesome by using this formula: super sculpey + acrylic paints + munny = twilight edward.....

I immediatly went to find what a munny is. It's a blank toy you can decorate/dress/sculpt for yourself into anything you want! (looks like I have another project here)

Which of course led me to look for other twilight munny's, so far, there's practically none of them, I would think this would change as news of this possibility gets around...

flickr user suehowie33

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Taycob's Not Ready to be Drooled Over

According to a recent interview, TL isn't feeling ready to be the focus of so much attention. Which, could be trouble. As RPattz learned after Twilight premiered, the fan base is mostly comprised of persistent, determined, wiley flocks of dirty birds! If he thinks it's bad now, he may want to just consider moving out of the country by 11/20!

Actual New Moon Minis @ Hot Topic ... FINALLY!!!

Hot Topic finally has the New Moon Minis for sale!!! Their $18.99 a peice, and even though they won't let me link over to the big pictures, you should go check them out, they're a bit different from the early models. They look a tad more poseable, but, less like the actors in some cases (poor Jacob), more like in others (finally a decent Bella, thank goodness) Also, if you go to each page and click the magnifying glass to take a bigger picture look at the figures, you can see the backs of the boxes as well.

One interesting thing is that the Alice and Bella figures measures 6"

while Jacob (who does not seem to be able to be shirtless) measures 6 1/5"

and Creepward measures 7" (SERIOUSLY, WHAT IS WRONG WITH THOSE PANTS?!?)

Shouldn't Jacob be 7" and Edward be 6.5" at this point?

Another curiosity I noticed, is that these are labeled series 1 figures. Are they going to have more than one set of NM minis? Maybe these are series 1 from the beginning of the movie, and they'll have series 2 (shirtless Jacob AND shirtless Edward anyone?) later where Jacob will be taller ...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

AGH Finally One of the Milepost Releases!!!

As if you forgot, but, just in case it slipped your mind, Tomorrow, September 25th,

Brought to you by the editor's of US Weekly:

Next will be the New Moon minis, then, THE MOVIE!!!!

Really, could this BE taking any longer?!?!?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Oooh, Just in Time For Halloween and or the New Moon Premier

I just ran across these cool accessories, which would be perfect for anytime you want to be a Cullen, you know, if you're a super geek and aren't afraid to dress up and go out in public that is ...

Admittedly, a little more orange than I had in mind, but, cool nonetheless. And the price isn't too bad (when talking about special effect lenses, they get pretty spendy pretty fast!) at $34.95 per lense, and $6.95 S&H, you're running at about $80.95 per set.

CoastalContacts also have a Vampire Red set as well if you want to be in with the bad vamps!


Sunday, September 20, 2009

OME Locksmith Anyone!!!

HELP!!! My husband in his thoughtless ways, has locked me (accidentally according to him) out of the room that houses my computer!!! I'm cut off from the internet, my checkbook, all filing, and, ahem, ALL THINGS TWI (well my movie wasn't in there, but, all the books and magazines were as well as the INTERNET!!!

Oh the HORROR!!!

Anywho, I'm borrowing an uplink for now, but, won't be "back online" until tomorrow afternoon at the earliest (unless we're willing to kiss an antique door goodbye and risk ruining the lintel while we're at it, which as of now, I'm not quite there yet ... if we can't get a locksmith by tomorrow afternoon though ...)

Anywho, I'll have lots of movie crap to bitch about when I get back, in the meantime, I just wanted to vent a little and share my misery with people that will empathize (as Mr. Twinatic just doesn't see why the situation is so horrible, that is until I reminded him that the house payment NEEDS to go out tomorrow or it could mean BIG trouble with our trial period agreement, then he saw a bit more the bad, still doesn't get the internet withdrawl, or the need of the twifix)

Anywho, I'm going to spend my precious remaining minutes surfing for RPattz pix and checking out my blogroll.

le sigh!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Twilight Funnies

I don't know if you've ever seen the the juicebox/take 180 productions, but, they've done parodies of both twilight and new moon among other things. I've seen them before, but, my hubs, recently becoming aware of my obsession, and learning newly every day how deep it is, found these and felt the need to share. Very funny, very clever parody, the only kind I appreciate! I hope he's not too disapointed when he realizes that not only have I seen them already, but, I thought they were funny. Hope you enjoy as much as I did!

Also, if you've got a little more time in your day, you can head over to and see some funnies from these guys, and other artists. It'll keep you busy for a while :)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Reverse Robward Just Doesn't Quite Look Right ...

I KNOW that OK magazine is crap. I know they use massive amounts of photographs sourced from the stalkerazzi, I know that they make stuff up and lie incessantly just to sell magazines. I know they go with what they think are current trends and cover their magazine with it as much as possible.

I know these things. I don't agree with these things. Because of these things, I will never buy a copy of OK magazine.

But, I can't help nearly sprinting over to the magazine rack every time I'm in the store this last week when I see this:

Let's be honest here, the boy's got some WICKED mojo!!!

At which point I realize which magazine it is and reel myself back in. This has happened several times. I, by now, know which magazine it is, but, still get a jolt every time I catch him out of the corner of my eye, and then am even more disappointed when I realize what I'm seeing. It doesn't help that they've covered up most of their logo with his head.

One thing I've noticed time and again when I get a chance to really look at it, is that I keep think that Rob looks a little odd ... I worry about him a little, maybe he's not feeling well? Maybe he's on something? I couldn't quite put my finger on it, until today.

Those bastards have used the US Weekly New Moon special cover photo and reversed it!

Which is why he looks a little odd to those of us who have his face burned into our brains! Those unfair players have used out beloved Rob just to catch the eye of us Twihards, and specifically that picture because I think they know we're aware of the US special and know that we know it's coming soon! Now that's just mean!

Why can't it just be Sept. 25th already!

There we go, now he doesn't concern me, 
he just makes me hot!

Friday, September 11, 2009

PSST - you gotta keep this on the DL ladies, but, YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS!!! (the longer new one)

As I'm sure you've heard by now (as the whole twilogosphere is drenching panties over it), Sorority Row (opened today) features a new trailer for New Moon!

It is FABULOUS!!!!!!!

Action looks great, the acting looks better, the wolves look better than the first glimpse of them we had (in the second trailer) the drama and tension seem fab!

Standing O for Chris Weitz!!! It looks like he really did it right. If the movie is anything like the trailer, I think it's going to probably be THE BEST MOVIE IN THE WORLD!

If it holds up, I would really like to see him get Breaking Dawn(NO CH!!!)

The only thing I'm really wondering about is WTF is going on with the Edward/Dimitri wrestling match? Um, maybe I wasn't paying attention, but, I don't remember anything about that ...

Without further adieu, here is the best NM trailer (as far as good angle, not too flickery, no fangirls screaming, and has the whole thing) I've found so far!

Have a drool bucket ready, be sitting down, and somewhere that massive ammounts of SQUEEing would be allowed... ENJOY!!!

And mostly because I got all excited about the coat throwing off scene and RPattz happy trail, I will leave you with this:

11.20.09 is just not getting here soon enough!!!


Thursday, September 10, 2009

OH NOES!!! Catherine Hardwicke maybe back for Breaking Dawn?

I'm not usually the report the news type, mostly because I'm never the one on top of the news. But, an article in an Austrailian mag, Film Ink, September issue, came out covering New Moon. Talking to the director, etc. (the whole thing can be read over on

One thing that is freaking me out, that I have yet to really hear much about, is that Producer Wyck Godfrey implies that Catherine Hardwicke may be back as director for Breaking Dawn!!! (see about the second paragraph of the second page [first page of text] in the article)

Summit seems to be under the impression that everybody liked CH and was super sad to see her go.

Really now, what the hale is going on with that hair?!?

I don't know about you, but, from what I read/hear/obsessively talk about with people, nobody liked what she did with the movie! (with or without the ruining help of Melissa Rosenberg)

Breaking Dawn will already be tricky enough to pull off right, PLEASE DON'T let CH be in charge of something that particular!

cool lego BD mock up found over at ... 
that's my kind of renaissance geek ;)

I've watched the interviews she's given, read the director's notebook, and seen most of the extras with her on the DVD. I've never seen someone more scattered and out of touch with reality while she thinks she's cool, short of my grandmother that tried to tell me using coiled neon bungees instead of laces on her shoes was cool and "very in" right now.

Handy? Maybe. Cool? Not so much ...

That just doesn't seem like the type of person that would be able to get all the nuance out of BD (especially if they're cramming the whole book into one movie)

Even the actors state that working with her was super manic, again, just not right for this stage of the game.

Hopefully it doesn't come to fruition, but, I'll be much relieved when they officially announce who the director will be, if they're doing one movie or two, if they'll be using the same screen writer, etc. (ftr - the answers should be 'someone else', two, and no)