Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Actual New Moon Minis @ Hot Topic ... FINALLY!!!

Hot Topic finally has the New Moon Minis for sale!!! Their $18.99 a peice, and even though they won't let me link over to the big pictures, you should go check them out, they're a bit different from the early models. They look a tad more poseable, but, less like the actors in some cases (poor Jacob), more like in others (finally a decent Bella, thank goodness) Also, if you go to each page and click the magnifying glass to take a bigger picture look at the figures, you can see the backs of the boxes as well.

One interesting thing is that the Alice and Bella figures measures 6"

while Jacob (who does not seem to be able to be shirtless) measures 6 1/5"

and Creepward measures 7" (SERIOUSLY, WHAT IS WRONG WITH THOSE PANTS?!?)

Shouldn't Jacob be 7" and Edward be 6.5" at this point?

Another curiosity I noticed, is that these are labeled series 1 figures. Are they going to have more than one set of NM minis? Maybe these are series 1 from the beginning of the movie, and they'll have series 2 (shirtless Jacob AND shirtless Edward anyone?) later where Jacob will be taller ...


SharonMacross said...

How could they do that to Edward!

Oh mah gawd.

It's hideous! I think Lego Edward would look better =P

Twinatic said...

I know, he's hideous!!! Did they even SEE the Italy pictures? How can you come up with something that bad when the source material is that good?!?

Also, you can't see it in the picture very well, but, the buttons on the shirt are off center from the fly on the pants, it would probably look wrong to have them line up, but, (maybe it's because the waist is terrible) but it's no good how they did it for sure!

Rob's Swiss Miss said...

I would probably buy Alice, and maybe Bella just for mini-photo ops...but I'm not buying Jacob unless I can have him shirtless, and there's no way in hell I'm buying Creepward. Besides, it'd be like cheating on the original Mini-E!