Thursday, September 10, 2009

OH NOES!!! Catherine Hardwicke maybe back for Breaking Dawn?

I'm not usually the report the news type, mostly because I'm never the one on top of the news. But, an article in an Austrailian mag, Film Ink, September issue, came out covering New Moon. Talking to the director, etc. (the whole thing can be read over on

One thing that is freaking me out, that I have yet to really hear much about, is that Producer Wyck Godfrey implies that Catherine Hardwicke may be back as director for Breaking Dawn!!! (see about the second paragraph of the second page [first page of text] in the article)

Summit seems to be under the impression that everybody liked CH and was super sad to see her go.

Really now, what the hale is going on with that hair?!?

I don't know about you, but, from what I read/hear/obsessively talk about with people, nobody liked what she did with the movie! (with or without the ruining help of Melissa Rosenberg)

Breaking Dawn will already be tricky enough to pull off right, PLEASE DON'T let CH be in charge of something that particular!

cool lego BD mock up found over at ... 
that's my kind of renaissance geek ;)

I've watched the interviews she's given, read the director's notebook, and seen most of the extras with her on the DVD. I've never seen someone more scattered and out of touch with reality while she thinks she's cool, short of my grandmother that tried to tell me using coiled neon bungees instead of laces on her shoes was cool and "very in" right now.

Handy? Maybe. Cool? Not so much ...

That just doesn't seem like the type of person that would be able to get all the nuance out of BD (especially if they're cramming the whole book into one movie)

Even the actors state that working with her was super manic, again, just not right for this stage of the game.

Hopefully it doesn't come to fruition, but, I'll be much relieved when they officially announce who the director will be, if they're doing one movie or two, if they'll be using the same screen writer, etc. (ftr - the answers should be 'someone else', two, and no)


Anonymous said...

they had better not give it to her. I have never encountered anyone online who liked her work and thought she did our book justice. Two words sum it up for me : Meadow scene

Twinatic said...

I haven't heard of or talked to anyone who liked her. I think it's the obsessive tweenies with no taste that are pushing the boo crowd ...