Sunday, September 13, 2009

Reverse Robward Just Doesn't Quite Look Right ...

I KNOW that OK magazine is crap. I know they use massive amounts of photographs sourced from the stalkerazzi, I know that they make stuff up and lie incessantly just to sell magazines. I know they go with what they think are current trends and cover their magazine with it as much as possible.

I know these things. I don't agree with these things. Because of these things, I will never buy a copy of OK magazine.

But, I can't help nearly sprinting over to the magazine rack every time I'm in the store this last week when I see this:

Let's be honest here, the boy's got some WICKED mojo!!!

At which point I realize which magazine it is and reel myself back in. This has happened several times. I, by now, know which magazine it is, but, still get a jolt every time I catch him out of the corner of my eye, and then am even more disappointed when I realize what I'm seeing. It doesn't help that they've covered up most of their logo with his head.

One thing I've noticed time and again when I get a chance to really look at it, is that I keep think that Rob looks a little odd ... I worry about him a little, maybe he's not feeling well? Maybe he's on something? I couldn't quite put my finger on it, until today.

Those bastards have used the US Weekly New Moon special cover photo and reversed it!

Which is why he looks a little odd to those of us who have his face burned into our brains! Those unfair players have used out beloved Rob just to catch the eye of us Twihards, and specifically that picture because I think they know we're aware of the US special and know that we know it's coming soon! Now that's just mean!

Why can't it just be Sept. 25th already!

There we go, now he doesn't concern me, 
he just makes me hot!


Rob's Swiss Miss said...

Holy're totally right! When they reversed the pic he just doesn't look right. It's the nose I think.

Fantastic post. And a reminder that I need to get that freakin magazine on preorder so I can dry hump it as early as possible ;)

Amy said...

Good eye! Yeah, his face looks like Gollum a little in the reserved picture. Damn magazines think they can trick us!

Twinatic said...

I think it's the eyes and the cheeks a bit. But, think of this, while he looks wrong to us because he's backwards, that is what HE sees in the mirror every day ...