Wednesday, November 18, 2009

NM: So Close I Can Taste It / In The Danger Zone

If you don't know this already, then I'm not sure why you're even here, but, NEW MOON OPENS TOMORROW!!! Well, technically friday, but, midnight showings/waiting in line starts tomorrow!!!

stolen borrowed from perez hilton

It's gotten crazy over here! We're going into town to see the movie, and I've heard that the theater we're going to (the town is just big enough to have two movie theater complexes) has sold out all fifteen of their screens worth of tickets to the midnight showing AND HAS ADDED A 3AM SHOWING!!! Which has never happened for any movie here ever. Even the star wars midnight showing I think only had one screen selling per theater! According to Fandango, this is the largest preselling movie in their history, and that 86% of last weeks ticket sales were to NM advanced showings! I knew it was going to be big, but, didn't know it was going to be THIS big! Ha, take that all you people who made fun of me for buying my tickets as soon as they were available!!! (you know, all my RL non-twi friends)

This both excites the crap outta me, and scares me, kinda a lot. We're so close, but, not close enough to let your guard down just yet!!!

One of the things that has me a little nervous is that a lot of people I know have been getting sick lately. I've even had a kid stay home earlier this week! So far I'm feeling fine, but, there has been dread in the back of my mind that I'll come down super sick tomorrow and have to miss... or at least I'd like to think I have the reserve and consideration to not try to go anyway and infect half the town while we wait in line.

Also, because of the fact I'm not sure I would stay home if I came down with the plague, I'm just prepared now to be sick on friday as I'm guessing that many other fans (read as 'far less sensible twits) will still show up regardless of how well they're feeling, and even with the best of precautions, we will be camping in line for several hours, and I'm sure there'll be germ passing going on!

Also, I will have to make a list, and obsessively check it at regular intervals, I'm worried I'm going to forget something important!!!! Like, when I moved all my stuff from the purse I had been using into my twilight purse that I bought with can money, and somehow didn't move the confirmation pages for our double feature tickets!!! That would have been catastrophic!!! Or how I keep reminding myself I'm going to have to charge everything (camera, ipod, computer, cell phone) for tomorrow. Or how I'll have to be sure ahead of time that I have enough gas and have packed snacks so I don't have to stop for anything along the way!!! Or how it just occurred to me that as we're going to be in line for hours and hours and then in the theater for hours, I likely should pack some dinner or something ... So much to worry about!

in my mind, the ammount of stuff we'll *NEED* 
has taken on mountain climbing excursion proportions!!!

I've been vibrating like an agitated member of the wolf pack for days now, I can't think it's very good on my heart to live in this constant stage of excitement!!!

So, in conclusion, this post is really about nothing more than
1) I'm very excited
2) I know I'm not outta the woods yet and hope that my fixation on the light at the end of the tunnel doesn't cause me to miss something important (like picking my kids up from school tomorrow...)

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(Molly) Twinatic said...

also, my boss is sick, I pretty much just told her I wasn't going to be in tomorrow, but, she insists there's pressing things to be done (I just don't see what's more pressing than being healthy for NM, but, whatever!) so I told her I would only come if she left a mask and non latex gloves outside the door (in package that has been lysoled) and a can of lysol in my work station.

She thinks I'm being ridiculous, but, I'm on the page where I'm still not sure that's enough...