Monday, November 23, 2009

Twilight Double Feature / Edward Gives Emmett the Bird

I got the tickets for the Twilight/New Moon double feature opening night. (I will be writing MUCH more on this later ;)

One thing seeing Twilight on the big screen reminded me of, was something I've seen before,  but, hadn't thought about in a while as I don't actually watch Twilight through all the way that much.

On the big screen it's much easier to see, but, in the baseball scene after Edward and Emmett crash and miss the ball, it looks like Robert gives Kellan the bird (at least it did/does to me) ...

Which I've heard people go back and fort on whether it actually happens or not, so, after being reminded of it across the huge screen, I thought I'd do a little investigating, which is when I found this:

so now, conclusively, Robert does indeed flip Kellan the bird, it actually did make it in the movie, and it cracks me up!

On another note, no spoilers per say, LOVED New Moon, it was way better than Twilight (not hard) there were somethings I missed/would have liked to see, and our adventure was HUGE! Again, will be writing much more about this later, but, thought we'd start little ;)


Rob's Swiss Miss said...

Ha! I love Kellan. He's always giving Rob a hard time...teasing him about how he runs and stuff. So I'm not surprised if he was razzing Rob during the baseball seen and he got tired of his crap and flipped him off. I think it's great little stuff like this wasn't edited out of the movie :)

(Molly) Twinatic said...

again, I had seen it on my small screen before and had been wondering if that's what I really saw, then on the big screen it was definitely ... yep, that's it! I do love that the whole cast seems to get along like a big family and that especially the Cullen cast members really do seem like family when you hear interviews and stuff with them, so cool!