Saturday, December 5, 2009

Dear RL, Get The Heck Outta My Way!!!

So, since New Moon opening, life has been crazy, here's some of the following events that have kept me offline/not blogging, and yet, will be most of the future posts when I get back to it.

  • Evicia getting a boyfriend
  • Ev finishes Twilight and asks for New Moon
  • Ev's boyfriend turns out to be the coolest guy ever!
  • Parker getting super drunk at the NM premier
  • Watch New Moon again, visit Ev after, and end up in charge of a medical emergency at the bar she works at.
  • Thanksgiving
  • My Brother's Wedding
  • My SIL and her Fiance in town from Utah
  • Illness interlaced
  • Finance/house painters (yes in december)/home repair
  • Kid issues/school/HighA days

I will be getting back shortly (hopefully) and will have much to share, I just gotta do this RL thing a little longer ...

Thankfully, I do have Rob (and all my twi men) to make me smile when life get stressfull!  :)

Thanks hotties, just what I needed today :)

I have decided that I NEED to be able to have some time in the Twidom soon!!! I'm seriously behind on reading blogs, comments, twittering, picture surfing, and EVERYTHING!!! I'm starting to go through withdrawal! (is bad, is vewy vewy bad!!!)

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