Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hello Again Twitardia


It's been a while!!!

Somewhere over the New Moon release, the nearly traumatic encounters with drunk people four weekends in a row, my brother's wedding, and being in charge of making Christmas this year, Christmas itself, the kids home for Christmas break, an Anniversary, and New Years ... I lost my fever.

I lost my line of sight on my love of Twilight.

I didn't follow any of the blogs. I haven't even been obsessively following my beloved JJ and STY over at Twitarded! I've only seen New Moon twice! *gasp!!!* I haven't been re-reading any of the books, or even listening to them on my ipod. I haven't even read any fanfic in about 6 weeks!!! ... i hadn't even stalked any pictures of the precious ...

The worst part about it all?

... I didn't really care ...

{: o

I was actually beginning to wonder if I was ... over it ...

if the love had left me ...

if I was "cured" of the fevah ...

That was until I caught video below on comcasts front page out of the corner of my eye ...

(and of course they had it stopped to a still of the broken tooth smile)

I was IMMEDIATELY all kinds of concerned for RPattz ... was he hurt ... was he okay ... what happened to his precious tooth?!?! WHAT WAS GOING ON?!?!?

I rushed straight to all the twi-blogs to see if this was recent or old news (still don't know when it happened)

Needless to say, it all came rushing back to me, the obsession, the fever, the love!!! All it took was thinking RPattz had been massively, painfully, horrifically, disfiguringly (okay, this may be getting into 'exaggeration' territory) injured for me to remember why I love Twilight so!

I still have a lot going on in that stupid RL that won't leave me alone, but, I will find a way to balance ... I have to ... I have a lot to catch up on!!!

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