Wednesday, January 6, 2010


They may be good, they may be terrible, regardless, I have a love for the Twilight Action Figures!

I don't have NM Edward yet, he's terrible!!! I don't have Alice yet, I've been on the fence about her ... that is until I saw this ...

over at Dread Central

and now I'm seeing a need for a sparkleward, a shirtless jacob, an Alice, and a Jasper ... which is WAY more money than I have right now ... I'm thinking I can't possibly spend any more money on this without feeling HORRIBLE because the house fund is tight as it is right now ...

And then I remembered that Mr Twinatic has yet to get me a Christmaversary gift yet ... (the 29th made it 8yrs for us) and as he's done in the past, if the first attempt doesn't go well, he just forgets about it ... one attempt has been made, but, he swears he's set the money aside.

I'm thinking that as they're not out until April, this gives me a little time to connive, scheme, sell some stuff, etc. so i can get my grubs on these. I'm going to just tell Mr Twinatic to set aside that money, maybe do another can drive, and dig through the closets for some eBayable things.

I'm not sure if this habit is a good thing ... it seems to be costing a lot ... I'm no longer sure that it's cheaper than a meth addiction ...

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