Thursday, August 13, 2009

Three Cheers

1) Pocket E can stand up by himself!
Hip Hip Hooray!

In the end, I just had to adjust his little hips before he was balanced better to stand on his own
(I didn't realize at first that his hips were adjustable)
Which made picture taking
so much easier!
(check out the birthday bash we crashed)

2) Pocket E's carrying case finally arrived!
Hip Hip Hooray!

It's super cool, and double sided!

On the back are a bunch of random quotes from the books, very cool!
Bonus, I think he likes it!
(also, I think I need to clean my monitor ... it looks filthy!)

3) We have our first follower!
Hip Hip Hooray!!!

The lovely Jenny Jerkface of Twitarded is the very first person to subscribe to our blog! (whether to keep an eye on us or to actually enjoy what we post, we don't care, we're just happy to have a follower :)

Gold star for you Jenny Jerkface!

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