Friday, August 28, 2009

The Game Has Changed (Hotness Ahead)

For so long, it has been the debate over Team Edward v Team Jacob.

We've gotten used to it, debated it much with friends, read the books and argued over who was a better boyfriend. That has pretty much been it, until now. Not until the movies, not until they've given us a visual focal point for our obsession, did we see it was bigger than this.

In Twilight we had a chance to meet not only our dreamy Edward,

The original Mr. Sparkle to have our hearts

but, we also get introduced to some hotties we may have otherwise overlooked while reading as we weren't imaging ourselves as Alice, Rosalie or Esme as much as we were putting ourselves right smack dab in the middle as Bella.

Hotness Emmett Cullen

Jasper Hale

Dr. Carlisle Cullen

We also got to meet a WAY young and
very cute but in no way hot Jacob Black.

You may not have really thought about it until New Moon casting and filming news started coming out, there is a whole new side of the Twilight Saga Hotness.

Meet The Wolfpack

Kinda older, kinda creepy,
New Sam Uley

Kinda Geeky, New Embry Call

Getting Warmer Jared

Super Mega Hot Paul

New and Improved Super Hot Jacob Black

It wasn't until New Moon that a whole new aspect to the debate opened up and we realized the true scope of the issue.

The issue is no longer Team Edward vs Team Jacob, the question really is:

Team Coven or Team Wolfpack

P.S. - Is it just me or do Jared and Paul never really have last names?

P.S.H(otness) -
And yes, I know that Emmett is supposed to have brown hair
(curly at that, but, they didn't care to stick to that detail)
but really now, how hot is Kellan like this?!?

P.S.N(ot).H(ot). - To address the question posed by mmMoxie "Where's Quil?"

Here is the decidedly not hot Quil Ateara, who is just human in New Moon, but, will join the wolfpack in Eclipse. (the question is though, will they follow with tradition of trying to recast each actor/wolf once they're part of the pack?)


mmMoxie said...

Jacob is exercising his right to bear (bare) arms. ( I know I put this comment on my own post but it was so funny I had to post it on yours too!)

I'm a complete doofus today.

mmMoxie said...

btw, where in the heck is Quill?

Twinatic said...

I skipped Quil. First off, the guy they have playing him looks kind of doofy from what I could fine, secondly, in New Moon, he's just Quil, he doesn't join the wolfpack until Eclipse...

And yes, I laughed at your cheesy comment both times ;)

Really though, do you remember if Jared and Paul were ever given last names?

Twinatic said...

Also random, that sam uley pic didn't have all the writing on it when I first posted it...I'll have to go find a new one...then I PROMISE I'll quit editing this post!

mmMoxie said...

I don't think they had last names. I'm re-reading New Moon right now so I'll let ya know.

I'm Team Edward only. Sorry wolf pack. I know you're heartbroken.

Twinatic said...

I'm not heartbroken, apparently, I'm horny ;)

I just went through New Moon again and don't remember seeing it, but, am now in Eclipse and will keep an eye out (Even though I'm generally Team Edward, I forgot how much he irritates me in the beginning of Eclipse!)

Rob's Swiss Miss said...

Holy eff...I'm a Kemmett fanatic and I haven't seen that pic of him before. Beefy goodness!

I'm definitely Team Coven *EXCEPT* (and it's a big except) I want to trade Jasper for Jacob. If I can't do that then I'm playing for both teams :)