Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Move Over Pocket Edward ... It's Hot Pocket Jacob!!!

Curious about what cool new toys come with the release of New Moon, I started trawling the web to see what I could see. Thinking I would maybe find designs for new Edward and Bella to go on adventure with, I forgot about the fact that there would be a whole new Hottness trying to steal a place in the hearts of the pocket people loving world.

Shirtless Super Hot Pocket Jacob Black!!!!

(Who will be mine as soon as they release him in October!!!)

The only downside in site is that he looks even less pose-able than already available (and limited) Pocket E.

I can't tell if he comes with a removable shirt, or if there's two versions, but, the one below looks a tad more mobile (wishful thinking?)

If there's two, I'll be getting both. (I'm becoming quite the action figure whore!)

As I haven't seen an Alice figure so far, I'm going to go with the labeling that this will be the new Alice to also be released in October with the other New Moon Figures.

Cute style and closer to looking like a normal person than the Bellas I saw with the Shadeswards at the toy store.

(she looks like such a hag! One cheek is flat, and she has some kind of crap hanging out of her nose ... ewww!)

And last but not least, Pocket B and E will be making a comeback with new style for New Moon.

This seems to be the release year for broad shoulders, Twilight Pocket E is going to be jealous!
(is it just me or is there something wrong with his pants?)

Looks like I'll have to start saving money away now as there's a whole army of pocket people must haves about to hit the shelves in Oct!


Anonymous said...

has shirtless jacob been released?? me wants it!

(Molly) Twinatic said...

Anon - The pic is the model from comicon, as of yet, no shirtless jacob has been released. There is a jacob with a shirt on so far, and the first four new moon minis are labeled as "series 1"

So, here's to hoping ther'll be a series two!