Friday, August 14, 2009

FACEinHOLE Friday!

Last Friday, Latchkey Wife introduced me to FACEinHOLE with her blog entry "Can I start calling us Robkey Wife?"

Being the mega copy cat Twilight lover I am, I decided to check out faceinhole and see what they had. OME is there some awesome stuff!!!

Because Mr. Twinatic is a jealous man I am madly in love with my husband, I decided instead of having a bunch with RPattz as my Edward, I'll do some with Mr. Twinatic as my Edward.

Here is my first attempt, which I promptly put up on Facebook, and then made my profile pic (because I'm crazy like that)

To which Mr. Twinatic promptly replies:

I just threw up in my mouth a little...

To which I replied:

well, if you don't like it, you don't have to be the one in the pic, RPattz can be my Edward if you prefer ...

Regardless, I thought I would give it one more go featuring Mr. Twinatic as Edward. To be honest, this is probably closer to how it would be...

Right about here, I got done trying to placate feature Mr Twinatic, and decided to try some with RPattz as my Edward. In pretty much all of which I look like a supergoober, but, actually isn't too far off from how it would go (I'm not terribly photogenic) but, I did notice that it really helps with these things if you have a similar hair color/texture as the original person in the picture... and while they possibly could have looked a little better with a little more time put in, I really didn't need to be wasting all the rest of my day daydreaming with photographic record of our love...

Turned out hot, but, maybe not quite the right head size in retrospect.

Again with 'that's probably the face I would make if faced with such a situation.

Tire swings are always fun, especially if you have your hand started down Robwards pants...

This one is my favorite, it actually came out looking quasi-real.

Don't you think we make just the most adorable couple?!?


Latchkey Wife said...

OMG these are great! I love that you put your man in Robward's face hole too! So cool! Too much fun - shit, now I may need to resurrect Robkey Wife for one last hurrah! Damn, I seem to be severely addicted to FaceinHole!!

Twinatic said...

1) YAY, you have just been our first comment ever!!!

2) Really, I probably wasted at least an hour and a half today between the twi ones and some cartoon ones for the kids (I now have a son each for mario, buzz lightyear, and king kong)

I also think this will not be the last of's just TOO FUN!!!

(that site is trouble!)

Anonymous said...

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