Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Oh Verizon, Way to Reach THAT Demographic!

I don't know if you've seen it yet or not, but, Verizon is out with a new commercial featuring "Sebastian" and his girlfriend ... Sebastian's styling/outfit is looking VERY familiar ... what I'm not recognizing is the non whiny, non stuttering, non blinking at a hummingbirds wing pace, blond girlfriend ...

Anywho, the punchline is she has crappy cell coverage, he ditches her, and a wolf is ready to dive in for seconds. I wonder wherever they got this unique plot idea from ;)

All in all, what I can't tell, is if it's lame or not. Initially I want to say yes, yes it is, but, then it is kinda about twilight ... and that makes me want to say no ... what do you think?

Also, love the teeth! The more I watch Twi movies, the more I just wish the vamps could have some retractable vamp teeth ... (like the ones in this commercial where they line up on the canines, not like on Tru Blood [which I love other than teeth] where they come out of the outside incisors ... the spacing is just wrong when done like that ...)

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