Saturday, February 27, 2010

New Moon in the Cheap Seats!

Locally we have a theater that used to be the big main Cinemark theater with 12 screens. Years ago, Cinemark built a better theater in the same mall that featured 17 screens and stadium seating with more comfortable chairs, arm rests that group and down, seats that rock a bit, and a bunch more cool modern features.

Instead of demo-ing the old theater, Cinemark took the 12 screen set up and started taking older movies that are out on, or nearly out on DVD, and letting folk see them on a big screen for $1.75 during the week, and $2.00 for fri and sat night showings.

Good news, New Moon has just hit the buck-fitties!!! (when it first opened, all shows were $1.50 and the name just hasn't caught up to the price change)

Needles to say, I've seen it several times and have plans to see it several more.

On my most recent viewing, Thursday night, I finally decided to take some notes so I could write a bit about my thoughts about the movie. I packed in a note pad and pen, got it out during the previews and got ready to jot a few thoughts.

I ended up with thirteen pages of notes ...

Let's just say what started as a 'jot a few notes to remind me later' turned into channeling my HS note taking mania at the height of finals preparation. Which gave me what ended up looking more like a director's critique of a rough cut than a few notes on a movie I want to blog about ...

Anywho, it gives me LOTS of material to work with, and, over the next few mondays (maybe thursdays too) I'll be going over a page or two, and pretending like you all care ;)

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