Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Host Review / Go Read It!

*Sorta SPOILERS Alert*
(not too many, just a bit)

So, I'm as much of a twinut as the next person, I love it, I think about it all the time, I read it over and over again. While I previously would say I liked Stephenie Meyer as a person, I guess I wouldn't praise her too much as an author (c'mon peeps, Twilight was bad - Edward's gorgeous face - ) I did appreciate that the books got better as we went, but, was never even a tad interested in her other book The Host. Which is a tad odd as I usually love sci-fi/different kinda books.

Even when they mentioned a movie deal, I got about as far as thinking 'that's nice' and moved on. It wasn't until dastardly Costco had it on their tables for sale that I caved and let my curiosity get the best of me. What else was I supposed to do? It's just the perfect size to go on the shelf next to my others ...

Anywho, I read it in three days, and I LOVED it!!! What can I say, woman knows how to write characters, touch emotion, and make me bawl like a baby!

I then thought, everyone needs to read this, it's good! But, how to get the twihoors to cross over when there is such current animosity towards all things SM (*cough*breetanner*cough*mightnightsun*cough*)

So let me break it down for you twilight style (note, it's totally different than this, but, in twilight terms, it'll let you get a feel for it) I'll write you a book  jacket as if it was happening in twilight world ...

"Earth has been invaded by an alien species. A human named Rosalie has been captured, there are questions to be answered. Bella is inserted into Rosalie to retrieve those answers and report them to the others. Rosalie does not take this lying down, even though she's a prisoner in her own body that is now Bella's. Along the way, Bella becomes aware of Rosalie's partner Emmett. Through Rose's memories, Bella falls in love with Emmett, and eventually, allows Rose to talk her into going in search of him. Eventually they find him, and meet Edward."

Which then gives you one of the most interesting love triangles you'll get. Emmett loves Rosalie and Edward loves Bella. Rosalie and her body love Emmett, Bella comes to love Edward, but, because of Rose, loves Emmett too.

There's a crapton else going on as well, it's truly a good read, and despite the terms I used to make it relate-able, I assure you, there is no character recycling here. Stephenie Meyer has succeeded in creating a whole new world filled with all new people, and truly, if she hooked into your emotions the first time, she'll do it again!

welcome to the rotation 

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SmuttierThanYou said...

I LOVED The Host too! And your Twilight breakdown was perfect :)