Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Most Awesome Coffee Cup Ever!

Recently while at Toys R Us (while I was on a trip to spend my little spending money on yet more Twilight crap) I stumbled upon the most awesomenest coffee mug ever! (which of course I bought!)

For $9.99 you get a cool Team Edward cup, which I was excited about, that's actually a thermal mug, (which upon reading decided my purchase of it right then and there, over a shirtless Jacob action figure), when hot, the Team Edward mug displays the Cullen Crest and says ... what would I do without you?

Now, every morning, I get giddy like a schoolgirl when it's coffee time. I will fully admit that it makes me ridiculously happy each and every day, that I can have Edward asking himself what ever would he do without me!

Mostly now I'm just trying to keep it out of sight of Mr. T ... I don't think he'd be much amused.

Which will make weekends interesting ... what to do? Risk Mr. T catching wind of my latest shenanigans? Or go a day without Edward marveling over my presence?

oh yeah, and for all you wolf lovers, there is this:
which goes from pic of Jacob and text that reads Team Jacob on black background, to the wolfpack tattoo and the text, 'it's a wolf thing' ... which I guess would do it for some people ...

If you're thinking of buying this in a store (vs. online), I would recommend opening the box and looking at the mug you're thinking of getting. I opened it up to see what the whole mug looks like, and noticed a bit of goober stuck to the bottom edge. It looks like the final coat built up a bit at the bottom, it looks like it would come off okay, but, I'd be a little concerned it'd peel a bit up from the bottom while trying to remove it.

I ended up looking through about twelve of them before I found one that didn't have it and the very nice employees watched on as the crazy lady opened and repackaged just about every mug on the display. What can I say, I've learned the hard way about NECA and their ideas of quality control ...

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Mrs. Vanquish said...

The Edward cup s AWESOMNESS!!!! and it changes when getting warm ?

Ohhh MY Edward!! I need one of those!